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Yeah it's just been insane. Feel bad for those who are repeatedly getting battered by bad weather now.
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I usually try to dress up my son and take him around trick-or-treating, but doubt we'll do that this year.
Luckily for him, he's not old enough to understand that missed opportunity.
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I'm definitely looking forward to my first Halloween event here. ^^
With the way the weather has been getting crazier (lookin' at you, next round of Greek alphabet-named storms!), I wouldn't be surprised if some areas got crazy amounts of snow.
@Eve: Thank you so much! ^^ I put in my part!
@Eve: Could I please buy your remaining Solstice 2018 EIs?
Land Separating Ocean and Sea - 500
Olden Wings - 500
Quench Thirst - 250
Snipers Sniping - 250

Total 1.5k?
Ugh, that sounds like a pain, Seb! Hope they can quickly send you the right thing.

Smokey skies are no fun. Experienced that a few times when I was living in Georgia. 10/10 would not recommend.
Yep. I love listening to frogs at night, or any of the night creatures around here. The other night I heard BATS! <3

Yeah, he seemed to be doing fine hopping between the window and the space above it. I still worry though. xD
We have a lot of critters around my apartment complex, mostly bugs though. >.>
Ohhh, gotcha. :( Heartburn definitely sucks. Perhaps something simple, like crackers?
But if you'd rather not risk it, probably leave it alone.
I don't eat kimchi, but I take it that it goes bad after a certain point?

sunny: Maybe something small, like a snack?

Wildfire: Ohh, gotcha! I should try it, at least to say that I've tried it.
Slugs are another thing I'm happy to look at but not touch. xD

Frogs I'm good with holding depending on the size. We had a huge tree frog on our window the other night, and we're the 3rd floor up, which made me worry for its safety. D:
I'm doing pork tacos for dinner lol.

Hope whatever you have is delicious, Seb!
I tend to notice them on areas with lots of concrete but also lots of vegetation. They seem to be more active after a rain.