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I've been known as iWrox on other sites, but I'm ready to shed that moniker for a new one!
I'm an engaged mommy of a 2-year old boy, 2 kitties, and a hedgehog. <3
I hail from the Sunshine State, and work with old people for a living.
Ask me anything, and I shall answer!


  • sunny sunny (5 days ago)

    I know what you mean, I only go on profiles to comment or snoop at items XD

  • sunny sunny (5 days ago)

    Oh thank you!! I didn't know you were iWrox, hiii again after all these years :)

  • Xanthan Xanthan (1 week ago)

    Thank you so much. How are you doing?

  • milkshake milkshake (3 weeks ago)

    thank u!! ;w;

  • Ghostie Ghostie (4 weeks ago)

    yeah i remember irma was the last really bad one we had. thankfully they don't usually hit florida too hard though. we got lucky with the two who just veered off our path

  • Ghostie Ghostie (4 weeks ago)

    Thank you! How ya feeling about these double hurricanes?


Iced Coffee, Pastries, Animals, Rock Music, Meeting People, Road Trips


Peas, Licorice, Bigots, Liars, Ignorance