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Posted in Lina’s Quest Posted 2 weeks ago
I'm always a sucker for darker items, so the Arachnophobia is right up my alley. Also I love spiders irl, so there. :P

Also pretty sure the fall common that won is the monarch butterfly clip thingy lol.
We're supposed to be getting a cold front soon, but not sure for how long or how low the temps will get.

That's unfortunate about your pains being a hindrance to doing what you'd like. D: Do you do anything special to remedy it?

Hm, I guess for me, I'm thinking about trying to buy a house within the next year, but I'm not really sure where to begin with that. I mean I know to explore my options with banks and realtors, but not sure if I should do anything special beyond that. I feel like it'll be a huge process regardless of which route I take. After that, getting married and having another kid or two would be nice. And I've always wanted to have a house full of animals, so there's that lol.
Posted in Aisu's Ambitions (Open! Come chat?) Posted 2 weeks ago
Well this week has honestly been pretty rough so far, but trying to take it a little at a time.
Posted in closed needing to updated Posted 2 weeks ago
@Krampus: You wouldn't happen to have a spare Soulcaster you're willing to sell, would you?

Also may I offer an In Stitches + 3k for your Bearboozled?
@Amber lynne: Thank you so much!! :)
Posted in Favorite Anime/Suggestions? Posted 2 weeks ago
I was just going to suggest My Hero Academia and Demon Hunter, but I see those were already covered. xD I recently got into both series myself.

I loved Naruto btw, but for some reason have no interest getting into Boruto.

Hmmm, favorites...Gurren Lagaan is somewhat of a shorter but older series, but super good if you enjoy mecha (which is odd for me since I usually don't care for it). If you're into cooking, I may recommend Food Wars, which I believe just finished another season (there are 5 I think)? I've also started The Great Pretender, which is on Netflix, but I think it's great so far.
@Amber lynne: Would you accept 13k for your Golden Bird, and 1k for Summer Crane?
Posted in honeyglazed ★ Posted 2 weeks ago
Oh, that's great Mas!

Hi Lina! I'm doing okay. You?
@amber lynne: Cancer 10k
Shinobi 6k
Queen of Hearts 1k

17k total?
Posted in Names A to Z Posted 2 weeks ago
Posted in A - Z Fruits and Veggies Posted 2 weeks ago
Wax Beans
Posted in A to Z Feelings & Emotions Posted 2 weeks ago
Posted in Continue on letter game! Posted 2 weeks ago
Posted in Word Association Posted 2 weeks ago