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Sorry, I got distracted doing a jigsaw. xD Trying to build up pawns to get a bundle or 2 at the end of the event.

I'll answer a couple questions at a time:

- what is your favorite activity for the event?
So far I really liked the level 1 puzzle, even if it took me forever to figure something out about it. xD So gonna go with that because I'm looking forward to the next level!!

- have you done any of the activities? if so, which one(s)?
I've done the exploring the board thing, and am looking forward to the prizes!!! Even if they're stuff I already have, I love surprises!! I plan on doing more, but gotta figure out which ones. I know the hidden item one, for sure.
I just...over an election? There are bigger things to worry about, imo. If people don't trust the democratic process, they have ways to make change without resorting to violence.
Posted in Mad Tea Party: Hangout and Raffle Posted 4 weeks ago
I have a machine that can make it different ways, but I prefer mine over ice (obviously lol). But I'm contemplating making it hot today.
Posted in Lina’s Quest Posted 4 weeks ago
Same with me and my old laptop that won't start. Got stuff on it, and I don't want to get rid of it even though it's useless at this point. xP
Posted in Mad Tea Party: Hangout and Raffle Posted 4 weeks ago
I should make some coffee, but I'm being lazy about it since it's a process lol.
Keep seeing posts about awaiting the next civil war (because I guess whoever wins, there will be upset) and I'm like...??? wut??
Posted in Selling old event items Posted 4 weeks ago
@Aisukohi: as for getting back to you, pg hasnt been updated in along long time can you work around these numbers or close to.

Card Knight 2k
Clown 2k
Crybaby 3k
Solstice Spirit 1k

Done. I'll send a trade for those. Thanks!
Posted in Selling old event items Posted 4 weeks ago
@Krampus: I'll offer for the following:
Card Knight - 1.5k
Clown - 1k
Crybaby - 1.5k
Solstice Spirit - 500v

4.5k total?
Posted in honeyglazed ★ Posted 4 weeks ago
I can't help but feel like this year is dragging on but also that it's flying by? It's such a weird feeling.

Also I hate that it gets dark sooner too. D:
This month's CIs aren't my cup of tea, but I bought one of each anyway lol. I'm sure they'll grow on me if I give them a try.
Posted in Aisu's Ambitions (Open! Come chat?) Posted 4 weeks ago
They're boots that go about halfway up my shins, and they're flat. They have a couple straps with buckles and zippers on the insides? I bought them from Burlington for like 30 bucks lol, so fairly cheap.

I probably have too many socks for some types, but am lacking in others. I could use more tube socks, I think. I have plenty of tights/hosiery though haha.
[b][size=16]@Vanora: I'm choosing to explore Square... [D3] and [H7]![/b][/size]
Posted in Chapter One: Through the Looking Glass Posted 4 weeks ago
Took me a while that the moveable mirror could move in different directions depending on how you approached it. xD Felt like a dumb hahaha.

This is so awesome, btw! Well done everyone!! <3
@Wildfire: I'm not up to much either. I had some ideas, but I'm just dragging. Tried making a cup of coffee, but I think the creamer I bought is bad, and I don't really have any other caffeine in the house. So I'm a bit salty about that.
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