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Posted in Aisu's Ambitions (Open! Come chat?) Posted 3 weeks ago
I couldn't say how bad bee stings hurt since I've never been stung.

And I feel bad for those who are allergic to some of my favorite things. I have a friend who's allergic to chocolate, and I have a resident at work who's allergic to mangoes and strawberries. D;
Posted in ▪︎ koneko's Hangout ▪︎ Posted 3 weeks ago
Thank you Seb and xvz. -hugs back-
It's hard since I've never experienced a loss like this before. I'm slowly coming to terms with it though.
Posted in ▪︎ koneko's Hangout ▪︎ Posted 3 weeks ago
Sorry that you have to wait to eat the cupcakes, but yay free Starbucks! <3

I've got my 30th birthday coming on Wednesday, but I have no plans in particular other than seeing about buying a tablet/computer (haven't decided which) and hopefully hanging out with a friend on Thursday since his 30th is that day.
@sunny: Oh lol. Footie pajamas are fairly easy to come by here in the States. But I guess it's different wherever you go and what you can find.
@totalanimefan: Thanks. -hugs back- It's still hard for me to process and accept. I can't remember the last time I cried so much over one person, which I guess I should consider myself lucky, but still.
I went to go binge some Forensic Files on Netflix lol.

I've spent much of my day being sad over the loss of a good friend of mine, so just trying to find distractions really. It's still hard to process.
@sunny: Definitely onesie time! Do yours have feet covers?
Updated the first post. :)
Yay, another hangout that I could chat in!

Hello all!
@sunny: I vote yes for the onesie if it's cold enough. xD That sounds hella comfy!
Posted in honeyglazed ★ Posted 3 weeks ago
That's great that you're overall a healthy person (at least in your doctor's eyes). Funny because my doctors never recommended ways for me to gain weight, so I guess to them, they just accepted that I was small too. I really need to get a new doctor though, since I haven't seen one since after my son was born. I don't have a PCP right now, I mean. Also should probably get some of my moles checked out, which I probably need a referral to a dermatologist...

I'm sorry for your weight troubles though. I can understand not being happy with it, for sure. I had kind of the opposite experience in that of course I went up a size or two after I had my son, and I'm unable to go back down to what I was as far as size goes. It took me a good while to accept that fact, and some days I still get salty about it, but I'm proud to say that not once have I ever had an eating disorder or other unhealthy practices that would be a detriment to my health.
@totalanimefan: My day was good yesterday, up until I learned that a good friend of mine passed away earlier in the week. So I've been a bit of a mess since then, and am trying to find ways to keep my mind off of it. My son is helping. <3

@Fayekittie: I hope wherever you end up moving, you're happy! You're right that it shouldn't be hard for your husband to land a job since he's a chef. My fiance is one as well, and one thing he says a lot is "People gotta eat". So chefs are always in demand. :3
Posted in ▪︎ koneko's Hangout ▪︎ Posted 3 weeks ago
Yeah I need to learn how to pace myself better when it comes to posting, for sure. xD

Seb, you're welcome, and I'm sorry for your grandpa.
I just learned last night that a good friend of mine passed away earlier in the week, and so I've been a mess since. Trying to find things to distract me for now.
Posted in honeyglazed ★ Posted 3 weeks ago
I'm not sure, but I guess I just have a really good metabolism? It's hard for me to gain weight, even though I don't eat the healthiest. I don't even have a strong thirst drive, which I guess would improve if I just forced myself to drink more often.

But yeah, I've always been small. ^^;
Posted in honeyglazed ★ Posted 3 weeks ago
Same, I mean for weighing next to nothing. I never broke 100 lbs until I got pregnant with my son lol. I haven't weighed myself in who knows how long, but I imagine I'm floating somewhere around that weight, give or take a few pounds.

Anyway, when I go too long without eating, I end up feeling nauseated and headachey. So I try to remember to eat and get my fluids lol.