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Posted in Mad Tea Party: Hangout and Raffle Posted 4 weeks ago
Yay, unlock more prizes!!
@0v7: Sometimes we get bored of routines I think, so that makes sense. I would love to try yoga, although I'm not very flexible at all. ^^; I could really use better circulation (which I hear yoga helps with).

@Shadami: I could stand to eat less processed sweets, for sure. And I would say yes to the routine, except I work crazy hours every week. So I'm afraid to say yes if only because I may be absent when you want to exercise. :o I do SO appreciate the invitation though. <3

@Wildfire: You can do it!! Exercising, I mean lol.
Posted in Mad Tea Party: Hangout and Raffle Posted 4 weeks ago
That's a lot of pawns to have lol.

I feel bad for pets with any kind of anxiety.
@0v7: I think as long as you're at least a little active a few times a week, that's a good start. Pushing is fine, but knowing your limits is better lol.

I really should develop an exercise routine. =w= I walk a ton at work, plus chasing after my toddler, but I need something for my upper body.
@Wildfire: Oh I could talk about food all day. xD I love me a good soup! But I'm super picky as well, so not a lot that I'll eat. ^^; In particular, I won't touch anything with cream in it. Never liked the taste, not because I'm lactose intolerant (though I suspect I am ever so slightly).

@Shadami: That's smart to try things from scratch instead! Perhaps I should try that. I'll try pumpkin stuff here and again to see if I like it, and I just can't, but that may be an idea.

@0v7: That's an attainable goal, so hope you can reach it soon!
Sorry guys, went to go take care of breakfast and shower. xD

@Koah: That's wonderful of you to adopt! And that sounds like a lovely growing up experience! <3

@Shadami: That looks great!! I'm not a fan of pumpkin, but it still looks amazing!!

Sorry if I missed any replies directed at me. ^^; Hello again lol.
I usually don't participate in a ton of activities, but this time, I see a lot that I'd like to at least try!
Thank you guys!! <333 I always tell him to stop growing, even though I don't really mean it lol.

Yes, birthday waffles, and the later tonight, birthday dinner and cake!!

Do you have twins, Koah?
Posted in Mad Tea Party: Hangout and Raffle Posted 4 weeks ago
Oatmeal is a great breakfast! What do you like yours with?

Also, great job on your parts of this event! <3 Loving it so far!!
Oh nice!

I'm doing well. Having a nice lazy morning with my son, who's 3 years old today! >n<

@Wildfire: Yaaas! Sharing is caring! <3 And I have real maple syrup and whipped cream to go with them!!
Posted in Mad Tea Party: Hangout and Raffle Posted 4 weeks ago
Thank you Seb! <3

And that sounds yummy! Sometimes frozen is just what you need. I bought freezer cookies yesterday and had some for dessert last night. xD
- what do you think of the first item that has been released?
I like it okay, particularly the legs pose. I'm sure I may use more poses as I play with avis.

- what item(s) did you get from the sign in?
A pocket watch! Yay free new items! <3 I'm curious if everyone gets this item today?

- what's your favorite color?
Black, if you consider that a color. If not, then blue, particular in the medium and darker shades. I'm not sure what my favorite Voltra color would be since I don't know all the names. xD
Hi Koah! How are you today?

Shadami, Ohnoessss!!! That's the worst situation, and I'm so sorry about your bakeware!!

Wildfire, No worries lol. I may pop off here in a bit to finally go make my coffee and some mini waffles for the kiddo.
Posted in Mad Tea Party: Hangout and Raffle Posted 4 weeks ago
I would love a pastry right about now!

Gonna make my son some mini waffles later today. Today's his 3rd birthdayyyy!!!!
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