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I think I'mma go start dinner now before it gets too late.
Toodloo all!
Oh healthy! And refreshing for the palate too. :d

I love having leftovers for lunch the next day! And that sounds adorable. x3
Pizza sounds great as well. I've gotten so picky with different brands and places over the years because they've all changed something in their ingredients. So hard for me to come across a good one anymore.
Some steak adobo and rice. Filipino style adobo, that is, where you cook your choice of protein in a mixture of soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, onions, and water. I've seen people put peppercorns or black pepper as well as bay leaves in theirs, but I don't care for those.

You're welcome Masa, and glad you enjoyed dinner! Any dessert?
Yes, much less stressful. xD
I should get started on dinner, but I don't feel like getting up lol.
You're welcome. Can't feel too bad if it was too stressful. Gotta take the time to relax during these uncertain times!
Depending on my energy level, I might not even last that long. xD Props!
That does sound like a lot. I'd nope out of there too.
We used Zoom yesterday with a resident who turned 100. Tried the multi-panel view with her family and she was very overwhelmed, so went back to single pane lol.

Heeey Masa! Lovely doodles on the first page!
I really love these event items, like dayum.
Hey guys. :D
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We'd find a huge graveyard where the beaches used to be, and a lot more life where the deserts used to be.
What if I told you that we were meant to have 7 fingers on each hand instead of 5?
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