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Seb, I've never been good at going to bed early when I need to, so it's a rare treat that I fall asleep when I'm meant to on those nights and then to wake up feeling rested.

@totalanimefan: I'll let you know, and thanks! :) I plan on staying home on Sunday (I usually go to my parents') so should have plenty of time to make a dent in things.
Posted in ▪︎ koneko's Hangout ▪︎ Posted 4 days ago
You're welcome koneko!

I always like interacting with Gulliver, because he seems like "the funny drunk" type of character. But I can't recall having many opportunities to talk to him yet. THIS IS EXCITING NEWS THAT HE HAS THE GOLDEN SHOVEL!!
Ikr?! I fucking hate waking up before the sun. Like, HATE. Plus I slept like crap that night, so that just helped oodles and oodles.

And nice lol.
I didn't spend a ton of time on it yesterday because I was exhausted from being up since like 5:30 in the morning, and if I had the attention span and energy, I'd probably be playing that and chatting too. Right now volts > bells, so here I be. xDD
Posted in ▪︎ koneko's Hangout ▪︎ Posted 4 days ago
Luckily I wasn't working on anything and had LITERALLY just come home to find that it went out. I mean, my ceiling fans were still spinning, that's how recent it was. Asked the neighbor if theirs went out too, and sure enough it did. I was thinking, "I KNOW I PAID THE ELECTRIC BILL!!"
@totalanimefan: I finally picked up ACNH yesterday and forgot to look at my hours. xD Oops. I should try to login more often since the pumpkin stuff looks interesting.
Posted in ▪︎ koneko's Hangout ▪︎ Posted 4 days ago
koneko, your new avi looks so neat!

My power went out yesterday for like an hour for no discernible reason. I mean it was broad daylight, so someone must have "tripped on a switch" or something lol.
Posted in honeyglazed ★ Posted 4 days ago
Such a pretty view! I'm totes jelly!

@Lina: Also busy, and had a rough start to the week, but things are looking up I guess.
Posted in Trading Crate items, Rigs, and Event items! Posted 4 days ago
@Crowly: Sweet! I'll send a trade, and thanks very much!!
Posted in Lina’s Quest Posted 4 days ago
I'm always a sucker for darker items, so the Arachnophobia is right up my alley. Also I love spiders irl, so there. :P

Also pretty sure the fall common that won is the monarch butterfly clip thingy lol.
We're supposed to be getting a cold front soon, but not sure for how long or how low the temps will get.

That's unfortunate about your pains being a hindrance to doing what you'd like. D: Do you do anything special to remedy it?

Hm, I guess for me, I'm thinking about trying to buy a house within the next year, but I'm not really sure where to begin with that. I mean I know to explore my options with banks and realtors, but not sure if I should do anything special beyond that. I feel like it'll be a huge process regardless of which route I take. After that, getting married and having another kid or two would be nice. And I've always wanted to have a house full of animals, so there's that lol.
Posted in Aisu's Ambitions (Open! Come chat?) Posted 5 days ago
Well this week has honestly been pretty rough so far, but trying to take it a little at a time.
Posted in Needing a new Sell Buy Trade Posted 5 days ago
@Krampus: You wouldn't happen to have a spare Soulcaster you're willing to sell, would you?

Also may I offer an In Stitches + 3k for your Bearboozled?
@Amber lynne: Thank you so much!! :)