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@totalanimefan: I'm not sure and wouldn't know without looking at my Switch lol. I'm not home right now, but maybe if I get a chance before bed to look at it.
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I can't think of any super painful bug incidents. One time I went to the beach and stepped on something sharp, not sure what. But it left me with a painful bump on the bottom of my foot for weeks. Not sure what it was, and I'll probably never know.
@Kent: Sure! It's yours for 7k. :)
@totalanimefan: Thanks! ^^ I'll let you know if/when I need them.

I keep selling my extra DIYs, but I should save them for trading purposes.
@totalanimefan: That would so be helpful to be able to craft from storage since I have so much stuff in there as it is lol. I just need to make myself play when I'm sitting at home. I tend to resort to watching tv instead lol.
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Yeah they just seem so chubby and clumsy, I just love them. >w< I kinda want to hold one someday, but until I know whether I'm allergic to bee stings or not, I'd rather not try lol.
@totalanimefan: Yeah I figured that was a bit much to ask. xP Perhaps it's in the works though. I should really pick up that game again to play lol.
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@Crowly: Would you accept 6k for your Untamed?
The thing I want from the current AC game is the ability to craft multiple items in one go, like in bulk if you wanted to. Unless they've already added that? I haven't played in months. ^^;
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Oh wow, I didn't even think about small scissors. :o That'd definitely strain your hands!

A friend would be cute, and I hope to see it if you make one!