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@Xenojiiva: For the Camp Breaker Bundle, looking for at least 10k. For the Block Party Bundle, 7k?
Posted in Lina’s Quest Posted 2 weeks ago
@Lina: My weekend didn't really have anything worth mentioning. Just work on Saturday and relaxing on Sunday.

How about yours?
Seb, Oh man, that sucks. So you paid extra for nothing. That's so terrible of that person, and I'm sorry you went through that.

Wildfire, I'm about to eat some pizza and see if my son wants to go down for a nap after. The game went terrible. We lost 33-25 because we had no defense whatsoever. Our defensive coordinator needs to be fired.
Did they post something really offputting or something?
Posted in ▪︎ koneko's Hangout ▪︎ Posted 2 weeks ago
Beef and broccoli sounds yummy! I'll be having pepperoni pizza here in a bit. I'm glad you could eat again! And hanging out with besties is the best. <3

Hope you feel better soon koneko!!! Kudos to you for being responsible!
Whoops, I mean Sonic Battle. Not sure why Heroes came to mind. xP
Posted in honeyglazed ★ Posted 2 weeks ago
Yay for exciting news!
The only Sonic game I've heavily played was Sonic Heroes 2. I loved raising the chaos. *o*
I should really do laundry when my little man is sleeping or otherwise content, but typically when that happens, I just want "me" time. xD But he's a handful when he's awake, otherwise I'd try to get stuff done then.

But yeah, it's funny what you don't think you need to clean until you do. Window sills are another thing I didn't think about until I did it with our last place. Yuck!! Of course, I don't think their windows were sealed properly, so a lot of junk got in there.
Posted in ▪︎ koneko's Hangout ▪︎ Posted 2 weeks ago
Oh yeah, I know what you mean! I think the more you make yourself do it, the more comfortable you become.

I just bought a new Surface Pro 7 for a birthday present, so can't wait to use the pen and see what I can do with it. *n*
Yeah between laundry and dishes, they're a constant. x-x Or at least the laundry SEEMS constant, and there's only 3 people in my household including myself.

Of course my least favorite fixture to clean is the toilet, but you definitely can't let that go.

I vacuumed out my AC unit a couple weeks ago. It was suuuuper dusty in there, but so satisfying to clean at the same time. I don't think the previous tenant ever replaced his filter, or at least not for a long time. xP
Posted in ▪︎ koneko's Hangout ▪︎ Posted 2 weeks ago
What did you eat Seb? :o
If you can afford to put it off, why not?!

Idk what I hate more...laundry or dishes. I find I don't mind cleaning surfaces though, like sweeping, vacuuming, or scrubbing fixtures.
I should really do laundry when I get home, mainly folding and putting away. We'll see how that goes lol.