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Posted in Aisu's Ambitions (Open! Come chat?) Posted 2 days ago
Sometimes it can be as simple as putting on makeup or doing my nails (and I don't do anything fancy). Other times it's allowing myself to veg out in front of the tv, though I know that's not the healthiest thing lol. Other times I find myself buying clothes, though I try to be careful there. :P I have so many as it is, and I'm thinking about getting together another load to donate maybe later this week.
xvz: Nah, we're not in a rush lol. Been together for 13 years, so yeah. xD Absolutely no rushing. And what do you mean by places that are especially good? Like neighborhoods? If so, this area is so big that it has tons of different neighborhoods, so not sure lol.

Hi Kairu!
Posted in Lina’s Quest Posted 2 days ago
Not super scary, no. And it depends on the spider for me to determine what to do with it. If I know it'll definitely pose a hazard to me or my family, I kill it. If it'll just be an inconvenience, I try to relocate it. Otherwise, I leave them be.

I love that they put user-designed items on here too. I'm not sure how much I've spent on commons for one outfit, but next time I need to try to remember to use total's charity. xD
I'm waiting for my son to go down and take his nap, so I can have some "me" time. xD;
Posted in ▪︎ koneko's Hangout ▪︎ Posted 2 days ago

Even crazier is the amount of gunk you can find in/around a computer. x-x One time I saw pictures of one infested by roaches. Made my skin crawl. D;
Yeah I'm ready to ramp up my chatting game. xD Feel like I've been slacking lately.
lol nope, definitely not the only one. Just watching him move his fingers across the controller makes my eyes cross sometimes. x-x
I'm looking forward to seeing what this year's theme will be. It'll be my first reaper event!

Hi Lilykin!
Yeah some of the controls on some games are way too involved for me too lol.
@sunny: Same! I can't wait for the event to start!
Lost art, ohnoes!
Also I sometimes like watching my fiance play whatever he's playing lol.
@sunny: Thank you! Yours is cute as well! <3

I love seeing all the spoopy avis around here lol.
Hi Boris! Doing pretty good. About to put on some football.

How about you?
Posted in honeyglazed ★ Posted 2 days ago
I love watching fog rise off of bodies of water like that. <3

Sometimes fog will come in off the beach, except it looks pretty ominous to me since it even rises up to the taller buildings. xD