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@Totalanimefan: Oh my :o I didn't know those two connected! But then again several days ago I did have a smol ear ache on my left ear while I had a sore throat. But it went away like an hour later.

@Wildfire: Ah I see, do you get notified by an alarm on your devices then? Mine is just pure notifications but some places have sirens and such.
Awe well I suppose you can jus reschedule those then hopefully did you get enough sleep now?

My weekend was me consistently napping a lot and staying in bed. I wasn't particularly sick but not too energetic since I kept waking up several times at night because of my itchy throat, which is a lot better now.

@Wildfire: I'm curious one what alarms do you normally get there for? My guess would be tornadoes but where I'm from we don't need those sort of emergency alarms since we mostly dealing with snowstorms or blizzards. Had a few tornado alarms tho but the chance of them landing here are veeery slim

Awe was it important? At least you got the well deserve nap.

@Totalanimefan: Yeah that would be very annoying. Before I moved to Canada I often gotten sick around those times. Then again I was born on a very tropical island xD

Now I often get sick when the season changes...

@Wildfire: Oh no :(
Is for good intentions but I'll be hella annoyed in your place as well. I hope you get at least a short nap later maybe after your appointment.

@totalanimefan: Thanks ^^
I'm glad and hope this is the last of this at least when fall arrives. The changing seasons can be such a pain to deal with.

@Wildfire: Ty ty my throat was dying :3
How are you today?

Well... I was sick for the past two days but I'm 96% recovered now o/
Just partially lost my voice and have an annoying itchy throat

I think I'm well enough to get some things done around my home now or have my morning cup of

@Wildfire: Awe that's good! I hope you get more rainy days there for the coming days :3
Jury duty? That's erm interesting although I don't have the faintest clue what it is

It's supposed to snow again this coming week. I suppose the sunny weather is too good to be true and this constant abnormal change of weather is getting people sick here including me. My throat been feeling scratchy all day I'm afraid I might end up losing my voice like my mother did. But other than that my weekend went well.

Posted in The Super Mario Bros. Movie Posted 2 months ago

@Totalanimefan: Yep that's the plan ^^

@Wildfire: ugh yeah :/
Anyway how's your morning fairing so far?

@Wildfire: Ah yikes then I really hope it rains soon :/
But next week is going to hit single digits again... just normal typical canadian weather. Is a bit abnormal that it warm up so soon usually I feel this kind of warmth by the end of may through june.

Posted in The Super Mario Bros. Movie Posted 2 months ago

@Totalanimefan: Thanks :3
Is an oldie can't really find myself to delete it rofl

@Wildfire: Ah I see :3
I sort of get that too when I eat very oily foods. It just gives me weird headaches for a bit.
Yeah it's going to be sunny for the rest of the week it is spring after all :3

@Wildfire: Lel I think simple dinners are alright during holidays as long your spending it with family ^^
You didn't word it wrong... I think ouo;

Is honestly warming up really fast here this week and is curing my seasonal depression real fast. Is nice to see the sun shining again *sniffs*
Oh no, did you take meds for it? I never knew ham can cause such headaches.

Posted in The Super Mario Bros. Movie Posted 2 months ago

@Totalanimefan: Yep ikr :3