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@Wildfire: Haha it felt a week for me... =w=
Well just rewatching old movies like Grown Ups 1 and 2.

If you got the time you should! I swear is a lot more comfier on colder weather and pair it with some tea or coffee.
But it also makes feel such a lazybum. I feel like I need to do something to get myself moving today.

Posted in Art Dumpuuh~ <3 Posted 8 months ago

@Koah: Hehe yeah
Honestly I thought I haven't drawn enough, I've been so in and out of it recently. But as I copy/paste those turns out it's a lot!

Or maybe 8 months is too long to be away. Who knows *shrugs*

@totalanimefan: It is violent... I don't watch these type of anime as well and the amount of people that dies throughout the series is overkill.
But at the same time I think is the only kind of violence I can somewhat digest. Most likely because there were not a lot of character I have bonded throughout that episodes got killed, well except one. The rest were side characters that didn't last a minute on screen xD

Posted in Art Dumpuuh~ <3 Posted 8 months ago

@Totalanimefan: I took a break after Bocchi actually because I wanted to draw her and stuff, then was more mood on watching movies.
I agree, my favourite genres to escape in is slice of life or a good romcom♥

Oh I did watch a really bizarre one called Akiba Maid War... weird but oddly good.

@Koah: Well crap I'm craving chocolate milk right now x.x
I think it will taste like homemade chocolate popsicle~

@wildfire: Yes to be honest, another day movie binging and not getting much stuff done...
How was yours going?

Posted in Art Dumpuuh~ <3 Posted 8 months ago

@Totalanimefan: I've only been doing it recently since last year. I didn't watch a ton of anime for several years so I had a lot to catch up and check list the ones I've watch. Is been helping me get distracted during rough times.

@Koah: I can only assume it will only taste like ice but a little milky xD
Chocolate frozen milk however though...

@Wildfire: Very true -w-

@Wildfire: Hehe true >w<
The stupid things we do as kids lel

@Koah: Haha yep xD
Honestly that will make a great excuse except the part is not milk it's um water that's been in a freezer too long...
I don't mind drinking milk now... I can just drink 1 cup of it.

@Wildfire: Yep... is funny now haha xD
But I was pretty traumatized back then. Ah kids...

@Koah: LOL! Yeah children can be absolutely brutal. I used to hate milk back then but my parents forced me to drink them because I'm still growing so I was being sneaky and try to throw the rest of it somewhere in my old backyard often until I got caught one day by my babysitter xD

@Aisukohi: I think you just convince me to never go camping lol
Well maybe... but me being absolutely possessive with my food I would also be upset too haha

@Wildfire: Awe it sounds like a very serene and peaceful trip :3
Well it happened when I was very young so I don't remember much of it but... I think my family at the time was part of some huge gathering which I can only assume was one of those workplace family events from my dad's workplace or some church vacation outing. I don't know *shrugs* I vaguely remember they were some people camping outside while they were an inn nearby where some have slept inside the night. And it was located on top of the mountain and vaguely remember being terrified driving all the way up and down from it.

So one night I think I was playing with some kids (I think it was hide n seek) and some spontaneous moment in me decided to run inside some stranger's empty tent and zip it close and hide there for awhile only by the time I tried zip it open again. The zipper got stuck... yeah I think I eventually cried and was crying for help. Eventually the owner of the tent noticed I was stuck inside and tried to free me out xD

I think the people who owned that tent was kind of upset with me in the end... since I kind of broke their tent.

@Wildfire: Oooh! I can understand why xD
How was it? To this day I don't think I've ever gone to camping but I have been inside some strangers tent as a child once and got myself stuck inside...

Posted in Art Dumpuuh~ <3 Posted 8 months ago

@Totalanimefan: I saw it at one point had the highest 9 star rating on my anime list while I was browsing on what anime I want to watch.
It lowered down a bit now.

Posted in Art Dumpuuh~ <3 Posted 8 months ago

@Totalanimefan: Mhm it felt like it came out of nowhere to be honest but a pleasant surprise.

Posted in Art Dumpuuh~ <3 Posted 8 months ago

@Totalanimefan: Thanks and ikr! I still listen to theirs songs from time to time. I also heard there might be a confirm second season so I'm super hype for that :3