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@Wildfire: Mhm I used to drink it a lot before and was the only tea I drank at the time.
Do you sometimes put honey on your tea? Apparently you can also put it on coffee too like a replacement for sugar. At least that's what my mother says and does. Oh! And also another question, do those tea bags expire?

@Wildfire: Hmm I might have to look through what we currently have here again if we have any of those.
I honestly need to get some Chamomile eventually. But there is definitely a lot x.x I'm not sure I'll explore most of them. Maybe?

@Wildfire: Hmm... well for starters I do want a type of tea with low or no caffeine since it does help me calmly sleep well at night. Which I assume the best for that are herbal tea right? Other than Chamomile, what other types would you recommend?

I think it will help a little bit for some people. My issue here often is I know the specific item name I want but I struggle to find it on my inventory.
But yes it all depends on how they set that up here and how accurate the searches are.

@Wildfire: Ooh I'm learning so much! But... I may still drink my orange pekoe at night <.<;
But maybe don't drink oh so too late then. I'm not sure how much caffeine it is since my mother threw all away the boxes and put them on separate containers. But the orange pekoe I have is local it seems.

Although I have wasted a great amount of time spacing out

True and although is nice that we got more than we bargain for but Voltra haven't updated on searching the items on our invo yet.
Hopefully they get around it eventually.

@Wildfire: Wait there's red tea? It seems I need to learn more about teas. The ones I often drink are Orange Pekoe and Honey Lemon tea. But I still haven't open my box of Lipton Green Tea yet so thanks for the heads up. Two months ago a close friend of my mom is moving away so they give us their remaining tea collection to us and it's a lot...

Yeah, but I am a harsh critic to myself when I do want to just relax. I always feel like I need to do more because I definitely made some good choices before... sometimes you learn things the hard way. But nonetheless I do want to update some of my threads here and draw later. I'll clean tomorrow :)

Ugh that is so true >.<
Is a lot more tougher here out of all the similar sites I've been in. Other than the commons you buy on shops, the one that comes in sets you can get easily confuse and get lost in. Since I've been back I forgotten some of the items I have...

Posted in Purp's Avatar Gallery Posted 1 year ago

Holy Guacamolly! It has been months isn't it?
I haven't even updated the ones I have months ago so this one is mostly mix of last years and this year (although is only one avi so far...)

Junglaffiti ♥ Serenity ♥ Dusty Broom ♥ Delightful Fatherly Walk

@Wildfire: I often drink them on afternoon or late evenings. Which I'm sure you shouldn't do because some tea has caffeine on it but it often helps me calm and sleep a bit better at night. Is honestly the best to pair with when I'm eating something very sweet, is like deep cleanse on my tongue before I kind of abuse it with intense flavours again lmao xD

Is kind of a gamble for me. If I go what I most want to do often I won't get much done I feel like I talk a big game of being responsible but what I really want is to laze around, draw or watch videos all day... Verses what I need to do is the boring adult stuff (at least that's what my brain sorts out things) Balancing that out is hard.

Yeah it is :3 But honestly that's the fun of it♥ And as an artist I love to draw my avis or others here. And same! I just listen some background music while I work on a avi. Is truly relaxing~

@Wildfire: Ah I have the same amount as well (mostly 1 cup). But at least I have an alternative if I do need a caffeine break sometimes. I now like tea~ I feel like my taste buds are getting old...

Honestly I'm deciding if I want to get some cleaning done around the kitchen today or work on a new artwork. Or if I have plenty of energy enough to do both. Then there's a part of me that wants to throw it all off and work on a new avi here I do need to catch up on some missed items here eventually.

@Wildfire: I have known people who drinks too much coffee for their own good. But yeah maybe that's very likely in your case. I have drink caffeine sleep deprive before although it only works for a very short period of time. But wait there's such a thing called withdrawal headaches?
I just have zero energy and maybe grumpy if I go cold turkey... honestly is like having a second period minus the blood and pain xD

*takes the * Well good morning anyways. I just woke up not too long ago how's your morning going?

@Koah: I always find it best to be honest if you ever rant too much afterwards and usually their cool with it. But I think they are mostly trying to be civil about it or at least what my overthinking insecure mind is saying... But I get what you mean on daybeds, I've known one neighbor who owns one and they place it on their living room as well. But I feel is useful on small apartments with limited bedrooms.

@Koah: It is honestly at lot easier to tidy up in the morning than the regular bedroom covers and is oddly comfy xD
Yeah it is a weird size... I believe mines is a twin bed but I still don't completely understand what's the purpose of it. Do most people put it into their living room area?

Awe, I think is not an actual hangout if there's no some group ranting therapy involve. At least that's my experiences with it so far, as long is maybe if it's some healthy dose of ranting? Idk

@wildfire: Hmm very weird but it does make me think. Does drinking caffeine too much over time has lost it's effects of what caffeine does for our body? Like I'm just addicted at this point and It no longer really wakes me up most of the time but only makes me poop twenty minutes later.

Sorry your driving mishap earlier, some idiots out there doesn't deserve to drive

@Wildfire: I was planning to do some laundry but someone beats me to it downstairs... the person has three loads of laundry to wash and we have only have one washer and dryer so screw waiting. I'll do it first thing tomorrow morning n_n I have to do some tidying up here such us sweeping, cleaning the carpets, throw some recycles and trash later and other stuff I can't think of right now. I'm taking a breather currently since carrying a full bag of laundry up and down the stairs is a workout. We don't have elevators here since is such a small unit...

Wow that is weird :/ You didn't feel that energy rush at all?

@Koah: Awe sounds like you had a fun weekend :3
Take your time, I may be off here for awhile

@Wildfire: I take taking on walks counts as a productive activity especially when you have too much caffeine on your system
But sounds like a chill Sunday for me :3 Honestly that was my first thought also. I often sleep on weird positions often and I got the feeling I slept on this hand and got squished or something. But it was gone after I took a late afternoon nap.

@Wildfire: MAL as in My anime list at least that how they shorten it on their website.
Well maybe that's a good call if it's something that's not urgent for you to do. Allergies are just the worst

I did watch a few episodes this morning then got some minimal stuff done but the rest of the afternoon 'till now I was drawing while watching some movies. For some reason I've been feeling some soreness on my left hand all day. Like around the joints and kind of hurts while I lift something quite heavy I'm not sure why.

And goodness 4 cups of coffee How are you still alive and not crashing right away!?

@koah: True, I nearly forgot about the equipment and the only one I have check off are sleeping bags xD
Which this is maybe weird but I'm using it as a bed cover for my daybed... I don't really have a perfect cover that's not too big for it yet...
And my motto is if it works why bother buying a replacement

@Wildfire: Ooof I hope that caffeine gives you the energy kick to get those stuff done.
Well it is warmer I would like to experience that spring-like weather soon but I still have another month of this freezing weather 'till then.
Thank you, well it stop having that itch now so maybe I'm getting better

Oh and the anime I'm currently watching is Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru. It's a slice of life/romance and so far is alright. Just one of those chill anime you just want to relax and not ponder too much to with also mid rating on MAL.