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Posted in How rich ARE you? Posted 7 months ago

42k I'm honestly too afraid to splurge on anything yet knowing I won't able to earn a lot afterwards....

@Wildfire: *give some of them back* Sorry sorry just wanna make a grand entrance hehe~
Kinda but not really. Just woke up once had a midnight snack then passed out like a baby.
An old one called Tsubasa Chronicles. I love Card Captor Sakura so much and is still hopefully and patiently waiting for the 2nd season of Clear Card. Is about time I rewatch Tsubasa as well and I got hooked x.x

*rolls in and drinks all the caffeine in the menu*

Morning~ I'm still tired but then I just woke up. I kind of spent these past couple of days binging this anime series so... I'm kicking myself to get other stuff done for today. First I actually need coffee and food on my stomach

Hello hello just dropping by here
I hope you guys are having a pleasant morning~

Posted in Happy Valentine's Day Posted 8 months ago

Awe ty <3
Happy Valentines to you as well~

@Wildfire: Lol well I did went complete anti opposite last year so... got to change things up xD
And I'm going to take a shower before I get even more lazier brb too o7

@Wildfire: You can go nothing wrong with food =q=
Well... this is what I got. There's a storyline on this one also

@Wildfire: Awe well I hope you guys have a fantastic date night :3
And yes one day I'll care about this day more if I ever gotten myself into a relationship.

I'm honestly in the middle of making a valentine avi atm. I couldn't help it I swear I'll shower afterwards xD

@Wildfire: Oh shi- you just reminded that is valentines today. I have absolutely no plans since I'm single =w=
I just woke up recently and I already crave a second cup of coffee or tempted to drink a tall glass of coke in my fridge... A bonk in the head for watching anime so late last night....

If I have motivation in me after my shower later, I do want to do some minor cleaning done as well but for now I'm just trying to wake up

@koah: Awe I love small towns :3
It would makes sense if that's their reasoning *nods*

@Koah: Lol true you should xD
And damn for free!? Now that's lucky

Posted in Art Dumpuuh~ <3 Posted 8 months ago

There are just my progress so far but current working on a dtiys challenge on ig.

@Koah: Wow... that is extremely lucky and unlucky at the same time
That must be some wiild saturday night but I'm glad you found it in the end though.

@Wildfire: It's a peaceful Sunday so far. Nothing much is happening at the moment also.
I'm just currently browsing while listening to some upbeat music.

@Wildfire: Just something I say when I feel your pain xD
It happen during the pandemic too... at this point 2020 was just a pandora box full strange and tragic events.

How are you today?