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@Koah: Yep but I like it is not that noticeable. Like if you see it you see it right? You may be one of the few lel

Posted in Survey for Volts #2 Posted 7 months ago

What are some of your quirks?
I have the ability to sense people's emotions through body language and by their tone. If I know the person well enough I can predict their moves 80% accurate at a time. I can sense their insecurities, their strengths and weaknesses and can use it as my advantage if the person becomes a huuge pain in the ass to me, by outright telling them their most deepest facts they can't ever admit to themselves. But on the flip downside I'm unfortunately a living sponge that can soak people's emotions and have a negative effect on me energetically and don't wish to hurt anyone in such a way as much as possible.

So basically I'm saying I'm an empath.
Plus I overexaggerate a little bit what I said. I need them volts bruh

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Are you hot?
No. I'm cold. Please give me a blanket

Posted in Survey for Volts Posted 7 months ago

favorite chocolate bar?
Coffee Crisp! If you know it you know~

@Koah: Oh she is! If you look closer she has little horns that blends too well with her hair xD

@Koah: Awe thank you♥
I've been feelin' very meh about it. And been working on and off about it for several hours

@Totalanimefan: Ah that makes sense then.
Oooh that sounds very interesting stuff. And do you mean by Picasso? If so I'm a bit jealous lol
A half-empty museum is still nice to go to. Been on some before and it can be such a heaven to go to if your not a fan of large crowds.

@Wildfire: I don't think so... hopefully... is nothing compare since my last winter here. That was a disaster x.x
Today is not the worst, but honestly I'm feeling a little apathetic at the moment so... I'm hanging in there.

How about you? Better than my day I hope.

Posted in Mid-week Checkup! Posted 7 months ago

Mine started okay and is now ending kind of sour
I feel like I'm all over the place actually

@Totalanimefan: Wow I wouldn't have the patience to wait in that long line either so glad it work out in the end that you went in to another museum. Was the first one you originally wanted to go is well known and popular or something?

Did you see something really interesting?

@alorrena: There are just some avis that you just want to wear forever xD
I can't even bring myself to delete some of my favourites and it's been years.

@Wildfire: Yeah I'm pretty sure it is. I just got notified earlier that we're now having freezing rain here and it snowed so hard yesterday that my dad had to cancel work for today. Since his carpool can't drive anywhere with all this snow.

Oh that is such minor inconvenience but I'm glad the clinic is not too far away from your home and at least got to get some groceries done at least. I guess no small naps then in your case xD And I thought hair dressers talks more (met too many so far)

I did not have a good day yesterday... It kind of went crashing down in the afternoon and can't even say the same this morning.
Is just a lot of personal stuff and it hinder me to get anything done so far and now I'm actually snowed in and this storm is not letting off anytime soon.

@Wildfire: Well if it's just your annual cleaning maybe you can just take a small nice nap there?
If it's that normal idk... Well so far I got one done so that's a good start but now I'm starving so I need to eat lunch soon.

Yeah it could possible be the same storm since I see a pattern of us sharing the same storm often before xD

@Wildfire: Oh I'm not sure. I just got notified a blizzard warning my phone this morning and I didn't read the whole thing but is possible.
Awe lack of sleep sucks x.x I didn't have a full 8 hours sleep but I slept enough so I won't hopefully feel tired for the rest of the day. So not the best day for you then? Dentist appointments are so nerve wracking!

I need to do some cleaning on the bathroom, I have to do laundry, I want to draw is been days and I would go for a walk but there's a storm brewing out there. So many things to do but I have so limited energy to spend. And right now I'm procrastinating...

@Wildfire: I just get distracted a lot tbh and there are days I just want to oddly do nothing (which was my entire last weekend). Can't even say is seasonal depression is to blame this time because it certainly didn't feel like it. But I hate being behind on things so I need to snap out of it.

Btw is snowing here right now and I went out a bit earlier and it was actually refreshing to see.
How's your day going so far?