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Hello my name is Purpsy
I'm just another Canadian scrolling and lurking through the forums...
Don't be afraid to talk to me but let me warn ya I can be quite a shy potato and don't really
reply right away.

I am also a traditional artist and showcase myself throughout the web with my artwork. So if your interested here are some of my links down below:


Lovely artworks drawn for me💕




  • Merynia Merynia (2 weeks ago)

    Lovely avi <3

  • Kittyzilla Kittyzilla (2 weeks ago)

    might been an accident or something let me double check ^^ i was on mobile earlier and it was glitching

  • Ruby Ruby (3 weeks ago)

    Your avi is so creative and cute! I didn’t even think of layering bg gradients like that! Incredible!

  • diavolos diavolos (3 weeks ago)

    Omg thank you ;u; I'll send you a tip for it! <3

  • diavolos diavolos (3 weeks ago)

    I seriously love it ;w; omg of course! qwq

  • diavolos diavolos (3 weeks ago)

    Thank you so much!! I love the spacey vibe youve got going on ;w;


Anime, cute adorable stuff, books, sleep, drawing and writing and more sleep


Anything horror related (yep I'm a wuss) , bugs mostly the flying nopes that loves to surprise me during the summertime


I'm an artist but more in a traditional than digital like I see often here. And sometimes I write poems, short stories or a little bit of journaling~


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