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Ah so your going out for dinner?
I honestly have no clue what I'm doing until 6 =w=

Ah okay :3

@Totalanimefan: Yep but then again women in this family are just naturally loud rofl and I'm guilty of it as well.
Yeah I tend to avoid it also because I have a past of napping for more than an hour before and that can also screw up my sleep schedule also x.x

@neon: Alright :3
Rest well~

@Totalanimefan: When I'm really tired during the day yeah. But not as often.
I'm fine most nights actually maybe because I learn to really tune out when I'm sleeping.
The only thing that can wake me up is when someone is talking or shouting loudly.
*glares at my mother* >.>

@neon: Wow your dog is really something xD
Good doggo~

@neon: Hmm... he much be a workaholic on his past life xDD
Or trained well ^^

@totalanimefan: Same and I also happen to sleep in the living room so I don't have much privacy like most others.
People need to get to work early in the morning and all. Those sleeping mask and listening to some asmr stuff before bed helps a lot~

@Wildfire: I guess everyone experiences it differently :3
Personally is nice to not deal with pencil smudges on my hands or worry about smudging my artwork in general.
Not sure it got to do the fact I'm left handed or not ¯\_(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)_/¯

@neon: Lmao your doggo got their priorities straight xD
He/she ain't waiting for you to sleep rofl

I guess we both move around a lot when we're asleep xD

@neon: Sigh... yeah but I have a really bad habit of losing track of time and staying up late.

@Totalanimefan: Ah I do too!
But for some weird reason my mask partially comes off often when I wake up x.x

It is... ;w;
Then at one point I'll screw up my sleep all over again

@Totalanimefan: That is the plan yep :3

Pfft ikr who even get proper 8 hours of sleep nowadays?
Definitely not me xD