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@Alorrena: I see so it just got extended :3
I think I'm officially done grinding for dust bunnies and just be chilling here until the event closes~

@totalanimefan: Nope I think I'm good now.
I spent all my bunnies last night and got all the items already plus extra goodie bags I can maybe sell later.

Surprised that this thread is still active though.

@Wildfire: I never had those type spiral bound notebooks yet. Maybe I should get one in the future. Lmao I have also tried that method and started from the back end too. But I realized I could also just work on left side of the pages also but often work on both side of the pages too... so no matter what I can't really win (ノ´ー`)ノ

Yeah... although I have gotten used to it is never truly the same.

Morning. Just woke up and I feel like sleeping more *yawns*

@Totalanimefan: Good night! :3

Yeah I just realize I got 200 dust bunnies x.x
I can get some goodie bags!

@Totalanimefan: Ah I see
Well rest well and goodnight if you happen to pass out on me XD

@Totalanimefan: It was really good ^^
I don't want to spoil much but definitely worth watching~

Are you going to bed soon?

Hello hello I am back~
The movies was fun how's everyone doing?

@Wildfire: True, I don't think I'm experience enough to know the best software or tablet. But I'm more surprised how similar it is when I draw hatches or do a little shading on the pencil tool. It still feels very synthetic in the end. Maybe is both similar to left and right handed people? At least the smudging aspect but when it comes to buy a spiral bound sketchbooks is when the real suffering begins xD

EEEYY I'm laying down too~
is weird typing with my laptop like this pfft

@Totalanimefan: Actually I'll se it up around an hour and is still not enough ;w;
Darn my overthinking brain

@Totalanimefan: I have tried that before but it always failed for me.
For some reason I just get too self conscious of the time more and I don't get enough sleep x.x

@neon: I see :3
But better late than never though.

@Totalanimefan: Yep which why I avoided it as much as I can. I have mostly no control on how long I'll sleep x.x