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@Wildfire: Ooof x.x
I hope it went by smoothly for you. Yeah that's me as a teenager 'till now. But... I did had a crush on a streamer very recently which hit me like a dump truck out of nowhere and now I sort of get it.

@Wildfire: Meh it happens way often and there's part of me that gotten used with the weirdness of it... which is not a good thing
But that does sounds very complicated. I guess you'll have a busy saturday in store today.

There are people out there that are hardcore fans and can remember every album or song but I for one just listen several songs I may like from an artist and possibly will go back to it now and then too. But I do have a few songs I go back to when I'm generally pissed or in a bad mood xD

Posted in Learning digital art Posted 8 months ago

I would say you get somewhat a hang out of it around a year or two. But even then you still have so much to learn.
So much of the neat tricks I learn are from other artists on IG, scrolling down on YT shorts and other digital artist there.
But I'm mostly self-taught

One really neat trick I learn from someone is how to blend well all the colours your going for on your drawing. If it's by human characters, animals or other means is always good to have a second background for them. Like one specific colour that you'll think will blend well on your general colour scheme. So later on as you build up those layers once you start colouring, you can lower down the opacity on whatever parts of your artwork that you coloured that kind of stand out in a wrong way. If this all makes sense =w=;

Other than that I find colouring, how to shade properly, add the proper midtone or highlights the most stressful thing as a digital artist. Once you learn to draw properly on a tablet that is, which in this day can be still mildly challenging (I own the no screen less expensive kind)

*grabs a ton of *

Feels like a weird one when my sleep is all over the place x.x

I'm not sure I could answer that. I can't even remember the albums I listen through in the past. Just have a specific singers that I do go back into and listen to their songs. One would be Tori Kelly, she sings like an absolute angel~

@Wildfire: Lol I know the pain, my phone is full as well and can't even bother deleting anything there.
Thank you! Have fun working out~
I'm about to draw soon so might be gone for awhile as well

I have created a masterpiece! Loving my avi right now and the best part I didn't spend a fortune!

@wildfire: I have no plans other than taking a shower and draw later. Which I kept sayin' to myself these past two days but got no drawing done...
How about you?

@Wildfire: The kitchen counter, one of the sinks (the other sink was full with the dishrack + other items I cleaned and got too lazy to clean the sink afterwards) and the stove. Plus I had to reapply those powder I forgot what it's called for the pests. I have just been here, and on yt and reddit most of the time. And now I just want to crash x.x

I like to blame the winter but then again is mostly warm where you at, but all those pollen sucks too =w=
I seriously don't like it also it gets dark too early here and is only five...

@Wildfire: Hehe... I'm ignoring mines for 2 hours!
Or when I feel spontaneously motivated to clean again

Ah I get that. As long they are minor your good :)

Well I just finished cleaning a little bit on the kitchen =w=
I don't want to clean anymore... or even wash the dishes... which is piling up on the sink...

@wildfire: Sounds like a lot of unexpected things keeps happening to you today.

@koah: I hope you found your glasses :o
Do you know where you might have left it?

@Wildfire: True but burning yourself with tea hits different somehow xD
I used it as well and had a teaspoon of it yesterday to soothe my throat. I never had anything that attack my throat that fast right away xD
I often drink ginger brew when my throat acts up but is nice to find another alternative. Yeah... I think I put too much honey on my coffee this morning and was a little too sweet so I may need to add less next time.

Welp, I have things to do for today so I'll be off for a bit. Chat with you next time~

@Wildfire: That's good to know then :3
I was kind of worried about it for awhile... I'm kind of stingy with expiration dates. I usually let it soak for awhile as well and it was kind of a rookie mistake of me to drink it right away before which caused me to burn my tongue And I have tried to put honey on mines this morning and it does have that distinct taste but not much overwhelming change and the honey we got is 100% natural (my mom got a pack from a nearby bee keeper here)

*grabs some*
Yeah this week went by so fast! Which is a good thing I suppose.

@Wildfire: Mhm I used to drink it a lot before and was the only tea I drank at the time.
Do you sometimes put honey on your tea? Apparently you can also put it on coffee too like a replacement for sugar. At least that's what my mother says and does. Oh! And also another question, do those tea bags expire?

@Wildfire: Hmm I might have to look through what we currently have here again if we have any of those.
I honestly need to get some Chamomile eventually. But there is definitely a lot x.x I'm not sure I'll explore most of them. Maybe?

@Wildfire: Hmm... well for starters I do want a type of tea with low or no caffeine since it does help me calmly sleep well at night. Which I assume the best for that are herbal tea right? Other than Chamomile, what other types would you recommend?

I think it will help a little bit for some people. My issue here often is I know the specific item name I want but I struggle to find it on my inventory.
But yes it all depends on how they set that up here and how accurate the searches are.