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@Wildfire: That is insane o.o
Do you ever thought of moving somewhere there's less pollen? Um just saying since it seems like your allergies are affecting you almost daily.
Yeah I get that often with coffee also. I've been told if you drink coffee in 90 minutes after you wake up the caffeine will be more effective and it keeps you awake most of the day. Not sure how true that is though, I did learn it on yt shorts and have tried it and is still 'bout the same for me. But is worth the try?

I'm just stump on this one I'm working in and got hooked. But I'll start moving eventually =w=

@Wildfire: Maybe the caffeine is not kicking in yet? Did you just drink them recently?
Awe feeling that congested is definitely not comfortable. Pollen just crazily grows there huh

I sort of have plans but in the most classic fashion, I'm procrastinating xD
I'm distracted creating another avi here more than anything at the moment lel

@Wildfire: Honestly is not different of how your day went through yesterday. I failed napping a couple of times too.
I think for the most part I was just listening some moody songs & playlists on yt and was staring at my ceiling and let my thoughts wander. But I wasn't also depress but mainly it was just a very slow day.

I'm sorry it didn't go well for your last night but at least you got a bit of fresh air. Did you slept well last night?
I've had enough sleep so I woke up feeling quite more alive than yesterday.

@Totalanimefan: Oh yeah and I'm about to eat some again for lunch xD
Awe then you definitely deserve a well rested weekend and a trip to the museum sounds really nice.

Posted in Art Dumpuuh~ <3 Posted 1 year ago

I just finished this yesterday~
It sucks I wasn't able to finish this on time on Valentines Day but at least I got it done =w=

@Wildfire: I have no clue really. I may take a nap later also if I get too tired. I already finished watching the anime last night so life feels a little empty every time I finish a good show. I'll just see how today plays out ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Have fun with your late outing! At least you have something to look forward to ^^
*cheers back*

@Totalanimefan: Yeah some leftover mac n' cheese I couldn't finish it though... I took too much
Woo~ A long weekend vacation! Any fun plans then?

@Wildfire: Alrighty then :3
Yeah my day went well yesterday. I was kind of on a rabbit hole watching the series but at least I got some artwork done. I need to post it online later.
I had very little sleep last night though like around 4 hours, so today is going to be a loong day =w=

@Totalanimefan: I have been well :3
About to grab some lunch actually after finishing another drawing. How's your day going?

@Wildfire: Yep but honestly I never finished watching Tsubasa when I was a kid and ended up dropping it. I don't want spoil too much but is not actually a feel good movie well is sort of but the story itself is too sad that younger me couldn't handle it xD

But now I can wohoo~
Well anyways, how's your day going?

Posted in Survey for Volts #3 Posted 1 year ago

What did you last break?

A glass cup. I was washing the dishes late at night and one of the cups decided to leap off the cabinet and fell and broke right into my second sink.
This is why we own mostly mugs...

Posted in How rich ARE you? Posted 1 year ago

42k I'm honestly too afraid to splurge on anything yet knowing I won't able to earn a lot afterwards....

@Wildfire: *give some of them back* Sorry sorry just wanna make a grand entrance hehe~
Kinda but not really. Just woke up once had a midnight snack then passed out like a baby.
An old one called Tsubasa Chronicles. I love Card Captor Sakura so much and is still hopefully and patiently waiting for the 2nd season of Clear Card. Is about time I rewatch Tsubasa as well and I got hooked x.x

*rolls in and drinks all the caffeine in the menu*

Morning~ I'm still tired but then I just woke up. I kind of spent these past couple of days binging this anime series so... I'm kicking myself to get other stuff done for today. First I actually need coffee and food on my stomach