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Posted in Living Alone Posted 1 year ago

This is not really an advice but as someone who's also dealing with the same current situation also.
I wish you very much luck! You can do this! It maybe rough for awhile but I like to think it will be worth it in the end.

@Wildfire: It's a mystery for sure. I don't understand it myself when my body acts that way also despite having good sleep but my guess... if you repeatedly have terrible sleepless nights for the past couple of days it could be due to that? It may mean your body haven't fully recovered yet ooor you did just work out too much in the gym yesterday xDD

I honestly just wanted to draw in which I already did and post it on my story on Insta. It was actually very nice since I've been into that weird funk not long ago I haven't draw anything at all. It's always refreshing to draw again after not to for several days =w=

And I had a full lunch.

@wildfire: EeErrrRR It's productive enough! There's no judgements here~
Some mornings it takes awhile to wake up I guess. I hate it when that happens to me too.

It was mainly just wet dirty snow outside and had to ninja my way out and in to the apartment... but no slippage! That would be hell because I'm wearing my favourite pjs that happens to be white/grey plaid >3>

@Wildfire: Ayeee welcome to the procrastination club~
Is only you and me so far. But I did get something done earlier and by that meaning I just wash the dishes and threw the trash... on the snow... with shoes and no socks... First stupid decision I made today

But I feel well rested so I could be productive again later.

@Wildfire: That's true thank you. I think I really needed that reminder
Morning! Well it's Sunday so... nothing much *shrugs*
Other than the usual stuff I need to do or maybe I should do laundry? ( ˇ÷ˇ  )

How about you? Got anything interesting going on?

@Wildfire: I always worry that when it does come back, it might be such a harsh of a change. I'm not very good at dealing with those things but I like your positive outlook to it. I hope one day I get somewhat good at dealing life tugging me around a bit.

@Wildfire: Yep that's very true. Age matters very little and maturity comes differently for everyone. There are days I feel like I'm age 30 plus when I'm only 27...

That is most likely the case. I often think there are certain issues I should have solved by now but didn't.
It feels like I've gone so far and none at all at the same time. But have fun working out~ I'm going to hit the showers soon.

@Wildfire: Consistency is kind of my issue but I already sort of do that (^▽^;)
I'm trying to be patient to myself and my own self-growth but I'm not very patient by nature unfortunately...

ooh... *bows down* Sorry for assuming! >.<;;
But I'll be honest you do seem young to me when chatting with you.

@Wildfire: Nah I get that. I'm more comfortable with my own thoughts nowadays compared when I was a lot younger. But there are times I do need a break from them. I'm a natural overthinker/daydreamer and I'm more in my head than being aware of my surroundings. The greatest struggle is actually putting actions on what I've learned on my alone time. I would say that's a no.1 cause why I'm so hard on myself all the time.

From what I remember your only a few years older than me? I could be wrong though. I don't think your that old. I feel like people are too self-aware of their age once they hit their thirties. But honestly I hope once I'm at that age I'll feel more mature up there and stop acting such a teenager xD

@Wildfire: Alright then :)
Oh technology is a biig part of it. I would say 90% why I can't sleep is because I can't get off my phone late at night. It's scary to be alone with your thoughts while your trying to sleep sometimes

@Wildfire: I'm still thinking what to do today still actually. So is a no yet.
Yeah it could have triggered for most people during the pandemic but tbh, I've seen more people in younger generations have this issue more.
Mostly Gen Z and Millennials. I think older people sleep a lot better than us queue my parents =w=

Ah I see :3 You had your daily dose of caffeine yet?

@Wildfire: Yeah I was in some weird funk yesterday but I think I needed to be in that headspace for a little bit. I've been kind of being hard of myself and stressing myself out that sometimes is just best to turn off my emotions. And because of that I woke up this morning feeling a lot more better than yesterday. Not sure because I ended sleeping early last night but this morning I felt like more myself again. And the five minute meditation I had earlier solidified it ( ・ᴗ・̥̥̥ )

That sounds fun! And your out and about already. It sounds like you have a fun day ahead of you!
I hope your sleep gets better soon. But is it me but it seems I've known too much people who have sleep problems... =w=;

@Koah: Yep but I like it is not that noticeable. Like if you see it you see it right? You may be one of the few lel

Posted in Survey for Volts #2 Posted 1 year ago

What are some of your quirks?
I have the ability to sense people's emotions through body language and by their tone. If I know the person well enough I can predict their moves 80% accurate at a time. I can sense their insecurities, their strengths and weaknesses and can use it as my advantage if the person becomes a huuge pain in the ass to me, by outright telling them their most deepest facts they can't ever admit to themselves. But on the flip downside I'm unfortunately a living sponge that can soak people's emotions and have a negative effect on me energetically and don't wish to hurt anyone in such a way as much as possible.

So basically I'm saying I'm an empath.
Plus I overexaggerate a little bit what I said. I need them volts bruh