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@Wildfire: Is gone now but not my tiredness... I finally got the folding done and I'm honestly trying to hype myself to at least sweep the floors or draw and I don't really feel like doing both of those things either x.x

That is true. I have gone without internet in longer periods of time before and without those distractions it has been such a horrific and weirdly felt more alive moments of my life. And I feel slightly ashamed and sad for admitting that x'DD

I think I'm just going to lay down for a bit and chill and get around to do those things later. I don't have a lot of energy to spend today due to my terrible sleep lately. RIP

@Wildfire: The plan is... do the things I haven't done yesterday xD But I woke up with an annoying headache this morning and is slowly going away.
I'm hopelessly addicted to the internet... but I guess that's about the same for everyone.

How's your morning going?

@Wildfire: Hahaha... well I didn't really get around folding mines today...
I went too deep into YouTube loophole and got heavily distracted (◎_◎)

That makes sense, it also makes my hair very dry and rough and I shampooed and condition my hair thoroughly earlier.

@wildfire: Oh god... (⊙_⊙) That sounds super annoying to deal with... I would lose it eventually if I were in your shoes. *gives you a virtual hug* Hang in there and your poor little nose x.x

Yeah it doesn't happen to me often also but the rest I needed to fold were just socks and underwear. I washed a huge load and didn't have energy left to fold them lel. And I have no clue really... sometimes my hair does that and I can only suspect because is cold today or something.

@Wildfire: Well weirdly enough I'm not tired? And I fell a sleep around 6 last night because for some reason, my brain won't let me sleep rofl
I'll try not to take a nap today but that can be a real challenge later on. I'll just run myself with caffeine for the rest of the day. And erm I never got around folding those clothes yet and only took a nice shower but for an annoying reason my hair is taking foreever to blowdry, so I left it half-dried *shrugs*

Around to 5-15 cm of snow... at least that's what I read online...
I've seen pics of those pollens and is crazy how much they can be! Does wearing masks kind of helps with the allergies a little bit? Just curious to ask.

@Wildfire: Oh I got it done late yesterday afternoon. But I do still have some clothes to fold still that I need to do later.
Oh no not another pollen attack!! ( ⁰д⁰) Meanwhile it just heavily snowed yesterday and now there's too much snow outside.

I'm trying to wake up still... I have some stuff to do but I kind of procrastinating as always but for now I just need my
I had very veeerry terrible sleep last night...

@Wildfire: I've done what I can today. Except the laundry because I started on it late and is still waiting for someone finish washing downstairs...
The curse of living on a small apartment (´•ω•̥`)

Glad I remembered you for it~

@Totalanimefan: Damn did you eat something bad? o.o
I'm about the same as well. Last weekend was a good break after having a terrible week. Still have a lot to stress about but at least I don't feel dead dealing with them =w=

Although I am procrastinating a little bit right now...

@Totalanimefan: Yep, it's something I found out recently unfortunately. I wanted to watch a specific anime to watch but can't find it anywhere...
How's your day going so far?

@Wildfire: I have no clue what it is... I think is my dad's one of experimentation dishes because I don't remember eating it before.
Awe hopefully you'll take some time off and draw one day, it is quite a relaxing hobby. And as for my plans? I woke up late and groggy, haven't sip my coffee yet, and have things to do... I have some laundry to catch up to and other chores mostly to get done this week.

But I'm still sleepy
How about you?

Posted in Living Alone Posted 7 months ago

This is not really an advice but as someone who's also dealing with the same current situation also.
I wish you very much luck! You can do this! It maybe rough for awhile but I like to think it will be worth it in the end.

@Wildfire: It's a mystery for sure. I don't understand it myself when my body acts that way also despite having good sleep but my guess... if you repeatedly have terrible sleepless nights for the past couple of days it could be due to that? It may mean your body haven't fully recovered yet ooor you did just work out too much in the gym yesterday xDD

I honestly just wanted to draw in which I already did and post it on my story on Insta. It was actually very nice since I've been into that weird funk not long ago I haven't draw anything at all. It's always refreshing to draw again after not to for several days =w=

And I had a full lunch.

@wildfire: EeErrrRR It's productive enough! There's no judgements here~
Some mornings it takes awhile to wake up I guess. I hate it when that happens to me too.

It was mainly just wet dirty snow outside and had to ninja my way out and in to the apartment... but no slippage! That would be hell because I'm wearing my favourite pjs that happens to be white/grey plaid >3>

@Wildfire: Ayeee welcome to the procrastination club~
Is only you and me so far. But I did get something done earlier and by that meaning I just wash the dishes and threw the trash... on the snow... with shoes and no socks... First stupid decision I made today

But I feel well rested so I could be productive again later.