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Posted in Left my job. Posted 5 years ago
Hope you landed the job! Honestly, one of the best feelings in the world is quitting an exhausting, taxing, or toxic work environment. It's such a wonderful relief, knowing you don't have to go back to such a situation and suffer any longer.
Posted in Unsure What To Do... Posted 5 years ago
I'm not saying internet relationships can't work out, but especially when work and life things are keeping a person busy, unless you can be together offline, I'm not sure how feasible a relationship on a chat forum might be... Either way, good luck. I hope things can work out for you.
Posted in Blegh Posted 5 years ago
Honestly...I would find other friends/people to spend time with. If someone gets mad at you for hanging out with them/doing what they do, and just demean you...why would you want to be around them? That sounds like you're just torturing yourself.

And, yeah, definitely get yourself out of your oppressive home environment, if you can afford to. You need a safe, comfortable space for yourself and to surround yourself with positive, kind people. Sometimes you just gotta cut the ties with the people who aren't good for you, blood or no blood.
Posted in Weighted blankets Posted 5 years ago
Wow, why is it taking a month to arrive?

I've never heard of weighted blankets before. I'm not sure how that would make you sleep easier... I used to suffer from insomnia and it helped me to listen to a sound machine or nature sounds CDs. My brother always leaves a fan running at night. He did that when we were kids and he told me he still does it in his thirties, just because the sound helps him sleep. My wife will sometimes take a melatonin pill but I can't attest to how well that works. She kind of bounces around with her sleep patterns. Personally, I am so exhausted from my job that I can fall asleep any time of day or night with very little effort. lol
Posted in Getting back into writing Posted 5 years ago
I've been struggling lately. I've just been working so much that I feel so drained when I have a little free time and work just saps all my creativity along with my energy. There's really not a lot I can do about that, but I'm now working on a special project and it's really lightened my usual workload, so I'm trying to catch up on rest and I'm working fewer hours so hopefully I can get back into the writing groove.
Posted in What are you currently reading? Posted 5 years ago
Last weekend I made a trip to the used bookstore and loaded up on lots of goodies! It sounds crazy, but we have no used bookstores where we live, so any time I travel, I visit the used bookstores to find some uncommon treasures. This time I found a stack of books by Donna Jo Napoli. I love her! Her writing is brilliant. She does a lot of fairytale retellings and they're so unique. Right now I'm reading "Sirena," her retelling of The Little Mermaid.
Posted in Devil May Cry 5 Posted 5 years ago
I bought the original trilogy when they put it in a boxed set but I never did play them. I didn't know they were set to rock music. That sounds awesome! The new game looks fantastic. Hope you're enjoying! Eventually I want to get it, but I want to play them in order.
Posted in Sims 4 Posted 5 years ago
I was playing with my Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie sims most recently, and trying out the new celebrity expansion. I gave each of them a different agent and they're doing commercials and stuff. It's really hard to level them up but the acting jobs are fun!
Posted in Anyone Here Use Habitica? Posted 5 years ago
That looks completely adorable. I'm going to sign up!

EDIT: Okay, I'm deleting this thing. lol It is beyond glitchy. "Connection lost" every two seconds whether I'm on or off wi-fi. Keeps repeating the tutorial even after I click "Got it!" The same task keeps multiplying itself. lol I kept getting gold for a whole string of "join Habiticas." Maybe if they fixed the bugs it would be fun, but...I'm gonna pass.
Posted in Top 20 Upcoming HORROR Games of 2019 Posted 5 years ago
I'm playing RE2 now. They did a great job remaking a classic. My favorite game in the Resident Evil series.

Of course, there's no such thing as a Game Shark anymore. I'm out of bullets and down to my last herb. lol I think I'll start over and put it on baby mode.
Posted in Shows You Watched As Kids Posted 5 years ago
Some of my favorite shows were Punky Brewster, Saved By the Bell, Swans Crossing, Full House, Family Matters, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and Mr. Belvedere. Saved By the Bell was probably my fave. I'm glad it was all released to DVD cause I still watch them all the time that way.
Posted in The Masked Singer? Posted 5 years ago
I've only seen the Korean version. I just remember feeling a little offended by the surprised reactions to the singers. Like. you are surprised they can actually sing well? lol
Posted in Weirdest Movie You've Ever Seen Posted 5 years ago
I really like "S1m0ne." It's about a movie director whose career is failing and he's just lost his lead actress even though the whole film was basically shot, so he has to "invent" a new lead. He uses a computer program to insert a fabricated woman and she ends up becoming a megastar. I think it was billed as a comedy but it's very dramatic and the tone is pretty serious, so it's an odd mix of emotions as you're watching it. Funny things do happen, but most of the time you feel anxious he's going to get caught, because of course the paparazzi and tabloids want a piece of the mystery actress, and he can't promote the film without also somehow faking some interviews and press junkets. And Al Pacino is just such an incredible actor...sometimes I forgot he was an actor and thought it was a real show about a real director. lol!
Posted in Recent Book Purchases Posted 5 years ago
I try so hard not to buy more books until I work through my enormous TBR pile, but...I fail!

Right now I'm reading "The Body Institute" by Carol Riggs. I asked my parents to get me that for Christmas...two years ago. lol!! Meanwhile, I preordered the debut volume of a new graphic novel series and it arrived today from Amazon and I read that, too. But I still have older things that need catching up on! Never enough time.