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Posted in Catradora (SPOP season 5 *spoilers*) Posted 4 years ago
@Glume: hahaha! I love that. I worry when my cat watches what I watch, cause it's usually true crime. I'm not sure my pet should be showing such a keen interest in murder... Hope you enjoy the rest of the series. Season 3 didn't hold my interest too well, but it picked up after that.

@Bioshock: Wrong Hordak had me cracking up the whole time! And the fact that they just called him that all the time was hilarious, even. But I thought Melog was a weird name to give Catra's alien cat. Its original name wasn't great, either, though; in the 80s she was "Clawdeen." lol
Posted in Doubletree Hotels Reveals Cookie Recipe Posted 4 years ago
I honestly don't like nuts in cookies. I was fooled the first time, thinking they were just chocolate chip cookies - my favorite. Then I got a mouthful of NOPE.
Posted in Catradora (SPOP season 5 *spoilers*) Posted 4 years ago
I grew up in the 1980s when the original She-Ra: Princess of Power aired. Like everyone else, I was a bit dubious about the reboot. There's been a shift in animation style since the 80s and 90s, and I'm not really a fan, but I loved She-Ra so I gave the new show a chance. And it's actually fantastic. The art actually grew on me. They kept the main storyline, that Princess Adora was raised by the Evil Horde but comes to join the rebellion.

And I've loved every episode for the past five seasons. I've been so ecstatic about all the queer rep. Bow has two dads, and Double Trouble was changed to a nonbinary character (and they are my favorite!). Spinnerella and Netossa were introduced as a married lesbian couple. All the incredible representation was seamlessly integrated into the world of Etheria and I thought it couldn't get any better.

But then.

Catra and Adora confessed their love for each other and they KISSED. And I cried a little and I'm still screaming. lol
Posted in Child of the 90's? Come inside! Posted 4 years ago
Well, I'm really a child of the 80s... But I was a teenager in the 90s and I remember lots of amazing cartoons and kids' shows. Like "The Pirates of Dark Water," which was a fantasy series about an exiled prince who basically becomes a pirate. lol I think it only got one season but there was a small comic book series, as well. You can buy the DVDs on Amazon but they look a tiny bit sketchy... Mine play great, though I've seen reviews saying some discs are junk and implying they may not be legitimate.

I also really loved "Mummies! Alive." I cannot find that complete series anywhere. I think a human kid was involved but mostly I remember these mummies that come to life. I don't remember what their purpose was but there was a girl mummy and she was really cute. lol

Surely people remember "Gargoyles." It's on Disney+ right now so I've been rewatching it. I heard someone is planning a live-action film version. I'm not much of a superhero movie fan, but the cartoons are great. It's about actual gargoyles who turn to stone in the sun but roam freely by moonlight. They were cursed to remain stone at an ancient castle but someone bought and moved the "statues" to New York City and they came back to life. What I REALLY love about it is that Marina Sirtis and Jonathan Frakes are both voice actors on the show, and I am a huge, huge Star Trek: Next Gen fan, and Troi and Riker were my favorite characters.
Posted in The Final Fantasy VII Remake Posted 4 years ago
Is no one talking about this? lol

Who played the original in '97, and how does the remake compare for you?

I've always thought FFVII was a bit overrated. I think it's beloved by the masses because it was the first one most people played, but I grew up in the 80s and I legit liked the 2D sprites way better than early 3D graphics in the 90s, and FFVII had the worst of the bad, in my opinion. The characters all looked like lego people. The plot was convoluted. What I loved about it was the music and the villains. THE VILLAINS. I was in love with all of Shinra. lol I didn't even care about the heroes, least of all Aeris. Yes, it's true. I felt nothing when her big moment came.

But...this remake. I loved the heroes AND the villains. I even fell for Aeris (okay - Aerith). I thought the game was pretty hard for a Final Fantasy title; I found every boss battle challenging and it took forever to take down the likes of Hell House, but even when it infuriated me I was loving it. They maintained the original storyline to the point where I could say to my wife, "Here's what's coming next!" (she never played the original; she's younger than me and started on VIII, whereas I started my Final Fantasy addiction with VI) but they explained everything so much better so the game actually makes sense.

I know some people are going to hate, but to me, they did a perfect job. People were mad it was linear, but it's no different from the original in that respect; as long as you're in Midgar, you have one clear path to follow. People are mad about the introduction of the Whispers, but it makes sense and gives the game new depth.

I loved it. I cannot even stand this wait for the next installment.
Posted in LGBT reads Posted 4 years ago
Pride month is coming up and my wife and I aren't planning to attend any events this year because of the plague, but I thought, why not read some LGBT books in lieu of going to pride this year? Share some recs!

Right now I'm reading "The Luminous Dead." It's a science fiction/horror book turned lesbian romance (which was nominated for the Bram Stoker Award!) about a young woman on a planet whose resources are drying up, who goes spelunking deep into dangerous caverns to try and earn enough money to go to get off the planet and move to another world. What she doesn't know is that the woman who hired her didn't actually hire her to find ore; she's looking for the corpses of her parents who explored the cave years before. And she doesn't know that she's the 35th person in line to try, or that everyone who came before her is dead... It's really spooky but in spite of all the lies, the women form an emotional bond as the one on the outside helps the one on the inside navigate dangerous climbs, dwindling supplies, waterfalls, and even alien creatures.

I've only got a few chapters left, so stock me up with recommendations for June, please!
Posted in Hoopla, Libby, and Overdrive - Library Apps Posted 4 years ago
In case my fellow readers didn't know, there are library apps you can download that let you borrow library items for free without ever leaving your house! You can read e-books and comics and magazines, listen to CDs, borrow movies, and even listen to audiobooks! You just need to go to your library and request a pin to associate with your card. And it's totally free because it's literally your library on your phone.

Every library works a little differently. For example, my library lets you borrow 10 items per month through Hoopla, but some only allow 5. And it doesn't sound like much, but it's really a lot. I can only listen to about 3 audiobooks in a month's time and read one full trade paperback comic a week, so 10 borrows a month is plenty for me. Every library has a different catalogue, too, so what's available to one person will be different from another, but regardless, even in my small town the selection is huge.

Of the available apps, I recommend Hoopla because it has the easiest interface. It lets you compile a favorites list so you can "bookmark" things to borrow later, and best of all, there is NO WAITING LIST. Libby only lends out so many copies of a book, and if the library only has one copy, you have to wait in queue for your turn. Hoopla has no limit to copies so you can borrow whenever you like, as many times as you like!

Just passing along the info. A friend told me about it last year and it has literally changed my life. Now I listen to audiobooks everywhere - when I'm driving my car, doing chores, taking a bath. It helps me squeeze in extra reading time when I'm not able to have a book in my hands but have time to kill.
Posted in Y'ALL I AM LOSING MY MIND Posted 4 years ago
I'm honestly really happy for her. While I'm not keen on the idea of her rewriting the same book literally three times, as a writer myself I understand how she felt when someone leaked her draft, and then when "50 Shades" came out it also dampened her spirits. I've had people plagiarize my work and translate it into other languages without my permission, and take my stories and edit them to suit their fancy, and it sucks. So, even if I would have rather seen something new from her, I'm glad she's finally going to be able to publish that story and put it behind her for good.

I'm just reading the "Twilight" books for the first time. I always did like the movies. I'm going to check out "Midnight Sun." If you're a huge fan, I recommend looking for some special editions from book crates when it's nearing release time. Places like Owl Crate often do their own special dust jacket cover art or spray-painted edging, and their books are signed. I've used Fairy Loot, Beacon Box, and a few others as well.
Posted in In need of a book A.A kind of thing Posted 4 years ago
I have literally hundreds of unread books and I keep buying them. I seriously need to stop. XD My wife and I have at least 27 bookshelves and many of them are double-stacked. And I read all the time! I just..tend to read things from the library, and not my own books. X_X
Posted in Manga Posted 4 years ago
I like gay and lesbian romances primarily (yaoi and yuri). There's a lot more yuri being published these days, luckily. It used to be so hard to find. "Bloom Into You" is my current favorite. I have too many yaoi favorites to name because I've been collecting it for 20 years! I've begun selling off some of my collection. It used to be hard to find so I'd hang onto it all, even if a manga wasn't very good. Now there are plenty so I'm weeding out the things I don't like so much. And since they're out of print, I've made some decent money off them. I had a duology that is highly sought after; I listed it for $25 and it ended up selling for $90 when the bidding was over!

I also really love historical drama-type things. There's a new one out called "Prince Freya" that I really like. Volume 2's release was delayed because of the coronavirus but I have it preordered. I actually got an e-copy of the first volume for free. If anyone's interested in getting free manga from the publisher, I suggest checking out NetGalley. Viz Media has free manga there all the time. The idea is that they give you an advanced copy so you'll read and review it to help them boost sales prior to release. It's really easy to set up an account there and they've never turned down a single one of my requests for their manga.
Posted in Just caught up with the ‘given’ manga Posted 4 years ago
I stumbled across some fan art on Tumblr (and I don't know how, because I only follow specific fandoms and I'd never heard of Given) and fell in love with it. Or maybe it was official art from the Japanese manga? I don't know, but a gay rock band sounded cool. I heard there was an anime but I figured people were watching it from some dubious website that was fan-subbed and I prefer something I can pull up on my TV rather than my I never sought it out. Then SuBLime announced they had licensed the manga, so I am collecting that now. I haven't started reading it yet!

But FYI, if you're not following SuBLime on Twitter but are a yaoi fan, you REALLY need to check them out. Whoever is running that account is hilarious and they post manga porn like they sincerely don't care. XD
Posted in Just caught up with the ‘given’ manga Posted 4 years ago
Ugh. Spoilers!

I didn't know it had ever been published in English. I have the manga on preorder but volume one isn't even out until February.
Posted in Giri/Haji Posted 4 years ago
I don't know what those words even mean... But I finally started watching Chernobyl. I'm kind of underwhelmed. I've seen some great documentaries and even that show about "Dark Passengers" who travel to dangerous places and they were so much better. I'm finding it dry and it's very confusing to me that everyone has Russian names but British accents. XD I'd rather watch it in Russian with subtitles, if they can't fake some Russian accents. I hope the show you're watching is better.
Posted in So Anyone Have Their Christmas List Ready? Posted 4 years ago
I just pull book titles from my Amazon wish list or my Good Reads "want-to-read" tag and dole them out to various relatives. LOL!