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Posted in Unpopular Opinion: Movies Posted 5 years ago
I would have to say superhero movies in general. I do occasionally watch them. I'm a comic book fan and I like cartoon versions of Batman and The X-Men, and every TV series about Superman (the original Superman, Superboy, Lois & Clark, and Smallville) is on my list of favorite TV shows of all time. But I can't tolerate the movies. They're too long and too boring. Deadpool started off really funny but by the end it became so cliche I knew what would happen before it did. Wonder Woman was entertaining but I actually fell asleep during the extended fight scene at the end.
Posted in True crime fans Posted 5 years ago
I prefer crimes of passion, myself, and stories about people who plot to kill their spouses and even their own children for money and worse reasons. I do follow a lot of serial killer stories, though, because those are the ones that intrigue most people and there are a lot of documentaries about them.

The story I've been most interested in lately is about the man who murdered his neighbor, who was a combat veteran who had saved all his hazard pay while in the Gulf, so he could steal his debit card. The killer was an actor, and he asked the vet to help him carry some boxes in the attic of the theater where he performed, and instead shot him. He admitted to laughing as the vet pleaded for help, thinking he'd been electrocuted. Then he cut him into pieces and went back to the vet's apartment, using the dead man's cell phone to text and lure a female friend over, to murder her and make it look like the two had been in an argument and the vet had killed her and fled.

That was about the most twisted thing I've ever heard. I keep looking up articles and TV specials about it and I'm still in complete shock that someone could be that cold for some cash. He just wanted to throw a fancy party for his wedding and now he'll never even get married. I think they're still trying to decide if his former fiancee had anything to do with it. Neither of them ever indicated he had anything to do with it, and based on their recorded telephone conversations I believe she didn't. But she is a hundred times less emotional than he is, so I feel like she probably is a psychopath herself.
Posted in True crime fans Posted 5 years ago
I like fictional crime shows as well. My favorite is Medium. The cast is just fantastic and I love the balance between their home lives and work lives.

Thank you for the gifts, by the way! Nice to meet you. ^^
Posted in What are you currently watching? Posted 5 years ago
I just finished binge-watching season 2 of "The Good Place" and "Disenchanted" on Netflix. Both were amazing and I can't wait for more.
Posted in Worst Movie You've Ever Seen? Posted 5 years ago
Probably Zoolander... I don't remember anything about it now except that it bored me and I thought it was horrible when I saw it. But I suffered through because my friend ordered it on Pay-Per-View, back in the days before streaming services like Netflix.
Posted in What was the last movie you saw? Posted 5 years ago
I saw 3 movies in theaters recently. First was "Crazy Rich Asians." I think I expected it to be funnier or more original but I still enjoyed it a lot. Awkwafina was actually adorable and even though I don't know her music, I want to be her fan... Then I saw "A-X-L." It looked like it might be boring, but I actually loved it. It's like a modern take on the classic 80s film, "Short Circuit." Except the A.I. is a pet dog and not humanoid. It was strangely heartwarming.

Finally, I saw "Searching." I love true crime and it was a fake true crime story unfolding in front of your eyes. A man's daughter goes missing and he has to figure out what happened to her and locate her or her remains. The entire film is done in web cam segments, Facebook posts, and texting. And they actually pull it off and it's very well-done. I highly recommend it.
Posted in What are you currently listening to? Posted 5 years ago
There's a kpop group I'm really in love with called Ladies Code. Two of the members were killed in a car accident a few years ago. The remaining members released two albums together, and now each of them is releasing a solo CD. SoJung is my favorite member. Her voice is really low and husky and not just your average pop style. Her solo album consists of 2 ballads and they're beautiful.
Posted in True crime fans Posted 5 years ago
Not to be creepy, but I love murder shows. My fascination began in childhood with Unsolved Mysteries... Back then I only liked the ones about UFOs and ghosts. I don't believe in those things anymore, and now I'm more into Forensic Files. Anyone else?

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Posted in Another newbie... Posted 5 years ago
Hi! I'm Eldweena. This place looks nice and the rules are reasonable. I'd be happy to stick around and make some friends.

I love reading, writing, video games, languages, and cats. My kitty's name is Charlie. He's 3 years old with long, black fur. He was a feral kitten my wife and I adopted. We had the door to our deck open and he just walked right into our lives.

Lately I've been playing Dragon Age: Inquisition. Not my favorite thing but it's okay. I like the previous Dragon Age games much better.

I've been rereading the Jem and the Holograms comic books. I really enjoy them but there haven't been any new issues in a while. The publisher says it hasn't been cancelled but no word on when the series will resume.

Tomorrow I'll be getting Kendare Blake's "Two Dark Reigns" in the mail, at long last. It's the third book in a series and I'm obsessed!

That's all for now! Nice to meet you.