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Posted in falling in love with anime characters Posted 5 years ago
There was a knight character I liked from an anime in the 90s when I was in high school: Allen Schezar from "Escaflowne." He had long, long hair and was very protective of the heroine. She was crushing on him hard and eventually he begins to return her feelings. But then she's over him and falls for this scrawny little kid who was rude to her the whole time??? lol It took me a long time to warm up to the change. Still love that anime, though. I've met several voice actors from the show in recent years and got them to sign my Escaflowne tarot card set.
Posted in Actually reading Posted 5 years ago
[Locked due to 6+ months of inactivity! If you'd like this thread unlocked to revive, bplease don't hesitate to PM a mod, or submit a support ticket. Thanks!]

People made fun of it for so many years, I have totally avoided it. But I'm halfway through the first book and...I actually like it. A lot. lol And Bella's kind of savage. hahaha I did not expect that!

Have you read "Twilight"? Do you like it? Did any other books surprise you?
If you're a Sims 4 player and have the vampire expansion, you're familiar with vampire siblings Caleb and Lilith Vatore. If not, just know that Caleb is built as a mortal-loving vampire who doesn't want to hurt anyone and misses his humanity, and Lilith wants to bring about the apocalypse and turn everyone in the world into a vampire (essentially). lol

Well, when I got University, I wanted to send the sibs to college. But it is really hard to be an overachiever like I wanted them to be unless your sims study nonstop and never miss class. Caleb, I believe, has resistance to the sun because he clings to his humanity, but I was afraid Lilith would burn up if she set foot outside their house. So I used some cheat code I googled to make them human again so they could just be regular college kids.

The thing is, even though they no longer needed to drink blood, they kept all their remaining vampire traits! So Caleb was getting pop-up "kudos" every day he did not drink blood. But Lilith had a bigger problem.

Because her vampire traits revolved around gorging herself on blood and living up the vampire lifestyle, Lilith refused to eat mortal food. But she also could not drink blood! Every time she ate a regular meal, she would quit after one bite and stand up from the table and just vomit on the kitchen floor. I had Caleb study vampire lore and order her a blood pack on the computer, but her only option was to "clean up" the pack. I went to the vampire town screen (something Hollow) but I couldn't find a plasma fruit tree! So I had Caleb study more until he learned about plasma fruits, a sim-blood substitute, and had him buy some. He made her a "plasma blood salad," but she ate it and still puked!

By this point I had a whole story revolving around this issue. lol Lilith had an eating disorder and her brother was doing everything in his power to help her overcome it. She just stayed at the starvation level all the time because she wouldn't eat ANYTHING. She got ridiculously skinny. And then she got sick and the game warned me that "Lilith is fighting a disease and is losing the battle." (Not a mod.)

I didn't know what to do and I didn't want to start all over. So I had Caleb max out both the mixology and vampire lore skills, then I also had to make him garden a bunch until he had 10 wolfsbane, 10 garlic, and 10 plasma fruit and had both the knowledge and the ingredients to make "The Ultimate Vampire Cure" at the bar. And...

it worked! Lilith was cured FOR REAL and got to savor her first full meal of her entire sim-life. lol

Anyway, I just wanted to share the story because I thought it was really interesting! I've made up some in-depth stories with my sims before but this one had me totally engrossed. lol

What do your sims do? Bonus points if you tell me a sim soap opera. XD I love sim drama.
Posted in Who's watching The Witcher on Netflix? Posted 5 years ago
Who's your favorite?

I just finished episode 4 and I love Yennefer! Up to now I've read the Witcher comic books and dabbled in the video games but haven't read the books yet or gotten real deep into the lore, but now...oh, now I am obsessed. lol This show is so good! I love fantasy~
Posted in New car smell Posted 5 years ago
Guys, I'm so excited. I've needed a new car for a long time. For the past two years my car has needed all kinds of repairs and I just found out it needed a whole lot more work. It just made sense to trade it in for a new car, so I took the plunge. And I LOVE my new car.

There's literally no key to put in the ignition; you put your foot on the brake and push a big round "start" button to start the engine. lol The headlights are automatic, so they switch on, off, and between high and low beams without my needing to touch a thing. It connects automatically to my iHeartRadio app and I don't need any kind of wires like I had to use on my old car. There's a compartment on the ceiling JUST FOR SUNGLASSES. I have very sensitive eyes and can't go outside without shades, even on a cloudy day, but I keep losing my sunglasses, so there's a spot for me to keep a spare. It's like this car was made for me!'s electric blue. OMG, it is such a sexy, beautiful car. I'm in love. lol

And yet...I do feel a little bad for my old car. I mean, it's not sentient or anything. But we had some great times and saw some amazing places together just the same. That little car treated me well and it was my first. I feel a tiny bit sad to have said goodbye.
Posted in Christmas Countdown Posted 5 years ago
It doesn't really feel like Christmas. But at least I don't have to work for a week, yay!
Posted in I feel gross and creeped on Posted 5 years ago
@ephenay: I wish my in-laws would see it that way, but they're incredibly sensitive and would overreact. I'm hoping if I post enough "millenial" crap ( game stats) he'll get bored and unfollow. XD
Posted in I feel gross and creeped on Posted 5 years ago
I've tried to keep my Facebook for my real friends only, or at least people I like well enough I'd like to keep in contact with. But sometimes I just feel obligated to accept a request, like from a coworker I see regularly even if all we do is exchange small talk. One such person is my wife's sister-in-law's uncle. Which I thought was no big deal. He lives in a state far away and I literally met this old man one time, at a funeral, and never expect to see him again in my life. I have no interest in him or his family and don't really consider him any kind of family of mine. I mean...that's a pretty distant relation, of no blood, and we met ONCE. But it turns out accepting his request was a mistake, because he's now ALL UP IN MY SHIT.

After less than 24 hours of this new internet "friendship," he had the audacity to send me a private message demanding to know why my wife and I have two different marriage dates listed on FB. He ended it with the insult, "That's rather confusing."

I mean, think about it, bitch. We're gay. One of those dates is legal, the other...well, if you've had a pulse in the last ten years in the United States, FIGURE IT OUT.

I responded, stating the early 2000 date was before it was legal so we had a commitment ceremony to celebrate with our friends. Now I wish I hadn't. I wish I'd said something snarky and rude right back to him. It wasn't so much the question he asked me, as the way he phrased it (which indicated he had a RIGHT to know my business, and that I was stupid for not publicly explaining my business for the world to understand). It was the AUDACITY that he even asked a virtual stranger that type of personal question.

I'm just pissed and grossed out and want to unfriend and block him but I'm trying to tell myself A) he's old and unhealthy and I won't have to necessarily "worry about him" for too long; B) if I say or do something unfriendly, it's going to be seen as rude and insulting, even if I'm just defending myself; and C) I will never set eyes on this creep again in my life (probably) so I shouldn't really give a fuck what he thinks...right?

I guess I'm just looking for reassurance. And a place to vent. Bah.
Posted in Disney+ Posted 5 years ago
already have 4 or 5 streaming services and more than enough to watch. I want Disney+ but I can't really justify it right now.
Posted in I caught up on Sword Art Online last night Posted 5 years ago
I loved season 1. I was like, 'This is my new favorite anime.' Then I watched season 2 and I still wish I could bleach my eyes and forget that ever happened. Season 3 just bored me. I think I hate that show now. I want to rewatch season 1 and recapture the magic but I can't make myself do it.
Posted in Sometimes I hate the sims Posted 5 years ago
That's why I use custom content, I would play Sims 3 if I had it because it's customizable to all hell and generally just better

This, 1000%. lol Since Sims 1 I have been obsessed with custom content. Though it's true I haven't found many floors, doors, windows, and wallpapers for Sims 4 that I love. Sims 1 had the best custom content... I still think about this adorable little pile of mail clutter that I had back then, and miss it. LOL!
Posted in At the movies right now Posted 5 years ago
The only time I had that experience was when I went to see "Argo," which tells how the US got involved in the Gulf War. Everyone in the theater was a senior citizen. It was interesting.
I would want to be an FBI Agent who helps Mulder and Scully with their X-Files cases. I'd have to bring something useful to the table, though; Scully's a doctor and Mulder's...well, X-files are his thing. I'd have to be like a psychic so I'm useful AND impressive. lol
Posted in My left eyebrow keeps jumping....halp! Posted 5 years ago
I get eye tics when I'm straining my eyes for too long on the computer, I'm really tired, or when I'm really stressed. It can take a couple days of rest for it to go back to normal, and it can reoccur if you're under the same situations again. Rest is the best thing.