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Posted in Best public places to read/write? Posted 6 years ago
@hachi: It's nice your bookstore is quiet. We only have one and any time I'm in there, it's packed with very noisy teenagers. They're not even looking at books; they treat it like a hangout. I guess I wouldn't complain if they were actually there for books, but they're there to do...weird teenagey stuff, I dunno. haha

@Glume: I do wear earbuds because I love mood music to fit the theme of whatever I'm writing, but some people talk louder than my music. lol! Like, do you guys not know you're supposed to be quiet in a library? lol

@sunny: I wouldn't go by myself cause I would be anxious, too. My wife and I go together. We have a friend we write with sometimes, too, but she likes Panera and I hate that place. lol It's always crowded on the weekend and the food sucks so bad. How can a bread restaurant make such crappy bread? And their smoothies are nasty.
Posted in Dolls Posted 6 years ago
@AutumnPumpkins: Yay! Hello. :)

I think we all need to share some pictures of our favorites. I need to find a new place that hosts photos cause I don't know if Photo Bucket is still charging outrageously or if they came to their senses, but that was the place I used to use. I'm scared to even go to Den of Angels (BDJ forums) and look at my old threads now...
Posted in Themed Weddings Posted 6 years ago
@Elithiya: That's cool! Sounds like it'll be a blast and have a little something for everyone. ^^

My family is overly concerned with how people think of us (hoity-toity!) so I knew that would be a nightmare. So we just went to the courthouse and got our papers instead, no fuss. Then we got a reservation for dinner at a nice restaurant, showed up in jeans and T-shirts, and my wife's dad paid for everything. lol Turned out just fine for us. I hope I get invited to a themed wedding some time, though. That would be fun.
Posted in Who's anime best girl? A FIGHT TO THE DEATH. Posted 6 years ago
I'm new but I like that Spark guy so far. (He's an NPC, right???) I will worship the cute idol boy!
Posted in Pizza Debate... za Posted 6 years ago

I would probably bathe in Pizza Hut's marinara. I always order extra cups so I can dip other things at home in it (breadsticks, cheesesticks). I don't know why it's so good... At most places you want extra toppings on your pizza. When I go to the Hut, I order extra sauce on my pizza!
Posted in Unwritten Rules Posted 6 years ago
LOL!! Eavesdropper. I like you. heh heh
Posted in Best public places to read/write? Posted 6 years ago
Locked due to 6+months of inactivity in the thread. If you would like this thread unlocked, please PM a mod.

Sometimes it helps the creative juices to flow if I get out of the house and write. My requirements are quiet, hopefully Wi-Fi, and to be left alone. But I kind of have a hard time finding places like that. Even the library can be strangely loud. I try to get settled in at a table, but suddenly a gang of students shows up or some people want to read aloud to themselves... If I go to a restaurant the temperature is too cold or the table is sticky. If I go outside the sun's too bright for me to see my screen or the white pages of my book burn my eyes. lol It's like I can't win...

Where do you go?
Posted in Unwritten Rules Posted 6 years ago
That's hilarious! I generally try to sit away from other people, and I definitely don't want to watch someone else eat. Plus I like to have inappropriate discussions in public places, and it's hard to do that when people are nearby. hahaha!
Posted in Themed Weddings Posted 6 years ago
Thoughts on themed weddings? I have nerdy friends who had a Lord of the Rings-style wedding. Like their wedding bands are actual reproductions of The One Ring. And they have friends who just had a Star Wars themed wedding.

I think it's awesome that people do this kind of thing. You're lucky if you find someone you have so much in common with. But I can imagine some people's families would be totally against it and throw a fit. My wife and I eloped so we could avoid all the hassle of other people telling us what we should and shouldn't do, and later a friend told us how much she envied us and wished she could have done that, because her mother and about-to-be mother-in-law were vying for control of everything and turning it into a mess.

Have you had a themed wedding? Would you? How do you think your friends and family would react?
Posted in Sunburns Are Hell Posted 6 years ago
This summer my friends wanted to go to a Renaissance Faire in the heat of June. I usually wait until mid- to late October, when it cools the heck down. They wanted to go on opening weekend. I coated myself in plenty of sunblock but did not reapply and by the time we finally got there, it was apparently useless. I haven't had a sunburn in YEARS (cause I always use sunblock and do not go outside unnecessarily anyway) and I was miserably hot the whole time but stuck it out for those guys...and I was the only one that got burned. Grr!
Posted in What usernames have people used in the past? Posted 6 years ago
I've been using Eldweena since 2011. It looks and sounds like it ought to be common, but it's not. I can usually snag it as a username most anywhere.
Posted in Pizza Debate... za Posted 6 years ago
My wife puts ranch dressing on her pizza... I don't get it... lol
Posted in Word Association Posted 6 years ago
Posted in Count to 100 before the staff gets us! Posted 6 years ago