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Posted in Who's anime best girl? A FIGHT TO THE DEATH. Posted 5 years ago
I'm new but I like that Spark guy so far. (He's an NPC, right???) I will worship the cute idol boy!
Posted in Pizza Debate... za Posted 5 years ago

I would probably bathe in Pizza Hut's marinara. I always order extra cups so I can dip other things at home in it (breadsticks, cheesesticks). I don't know why it's so good... At most places you want extra toppings on your pizza. When I go to the Hut, I order extra sauce on my pizza!
Posted in Unwritten Rules Posted 5 years ago
LOL!! Eavesdropper. I like you. heh heh
Posted in Best public places to read/write? Posted 5 years ago
Locked due to 6+months of inactivity in the thread. If you would like this thread unlocked, please PM a mod.

Sometimes it helps the creative juices to flow if I get out of the house and write. My requirements are quiet, hopefully Wi-Fi, and to be left alone. But I kind of have a hard time finding places like that. Even the library can be strangely loud. I try to get settled in at a table, but suddenly a gang of students shows up or some people want to read aloud to themselves... If I go to a restaurant the temperature is too cold or the table is sticky. If I go outside the sun's too bright for me to see my screen or the white pages of my book burn my eyes. lol It's like I can't win...

Where do you go?
Posted in Unwritten Rules Posted 5 years ago
That's hilarious! I generally try to sit away from other people, and I definitely don't want to watch someone else eat. Plus I like to have inappropriate discussions in public places, and it's hard to do that when people are nearby. hahaha!
Posted in Hurricane Florence Posted 5 years ago
Wonder if that's why it's rained here for the last 3 days? It's rained almost every weekend all summer long. Like...can I please do some yardwork and sweep the deck?! It's like it's about to turn into WaterWorld. We'll all have fins in another 50 years.

I love the beach but no way I'd live anywhere near a coastline. I'm paranoid about that kinda thing. I can't swim and I get bad anxiety just thinking about it. It does flood here a lot and that scares me enough.
Posted in Themed Weddings Posted 5 years ago
Thoughts on themed weddings? I have nerdy friends who had a Lord of the Rings-style wedding. Like their wedding bands are actual reproductions of The One Ring. And they have friends who just had a Star Wars themed wedding.

I think it's awesome that people do this kind of thing. You're lucky if you find someone you have so much in common with. But I can imagine some people's families would be totally against it and throw a fit. My wife and I eloped so we could avoid all the hassle of other people telling us what we should and shouldn't do, and later a friend told us how much she envied us and wished she could have done that, because her mother and about-to-be mother-in-law were vying for control of everything and turning it into a mess.

Have you had a themed wedding? Would you? How do you think your friends and family would react?
Posted in Sunburns Are Hell Posted 5 years ago
This summer my friends wanted to go to a Renaissance Faire in the heat of June. I usually wait until mid- to late October, when it cools the heck down. They wanted to go on opening weekend. I coated myself in plenty of sunblock but did not reapply and by the time we finally got there, it was apparently useless. I haven't had a sunburn in YEARS (cause I always use sunblock and do not go outside unnecessarily anyway) and I was miserably hot the whole time but stuck it out for those guys...and I was the only one that got burned. Grr!
Posted in What usernames have people used in the past? Posted 5 years ago
I've been using Eldweena since 2011. It looks and sounds like it ought to be common, but it's not. I can usually snag it as a username most anywhere.
Posted in Pizza Debate... za Posted 5 years ago
My wife puts ranch dressing on her pizza... I don't get it... lol
Posted in What time is it? Posted 5 years ago
8:36 PM
Posted in Word Association Posted 5 years ago
Posted in Count to 100 before the staff gets us! Posted 5 years ago
Posted in Yuck or Yum? Posted 5 years ago