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Posted in Count to 100 before the staff gets us! Posted 6 years ago
Posted in Yuck or Yum? Posted 6 years ago

Posted in Change 1 Letter! Posted 6 years ago
Posted in What are you listening to? Posted 6 years ago
10 hours of medieval music, courtesy of YouTube.
Posted in Hereditary Posted 6 years ago
So that's what it is! I was at the bookstore recently and they had like a thousand copies of the book and I wondered how I missed something so popular. lol Puzzle solved! I enjoy horror films but get tired of the same old, same old. If it's got a different sort of story, I might check it out.
Posted in Elder Scrolls Posted 6 years ago
Favorite series of all time.

I started playing with IV: Oblivion and of course I've played V: Skyrim. I also play Elder Scrolls Online a lot and have dabbled in Morrowind. How long have you been playing?

My favorite race is Altmer (though I would LOVE to try playing as a snow or sea elf some day). I don't care what anyone says, I love elves and those snooty ones are my favorites.

My favorite aedra is Mara. I don't really have a favorite daedra... I enjoy Boethia's quest a lot in Skyrim. Best way to end Lydia.

I can't wait for ES VI. I don't even care where it's set, really, I just want it bad! I hope they keep marriage as an option like in Skyrim because that really added a nice layer to characterization. My favorite spouse in Skyrim is Vorstag, and I love that my wife and I could have our characters get married in ESO.
Posted in RuneScape Posted 6 years ago
I played a LOT in, like, 2005. It was a really great starter MMO. I spent so many hours in the tutorial section, picking up an obscene amount of arrows. lol! I remember accidentally wandering into PVP areas and people murdering me in cold blood to steal my gold. hahahaha! Jerks. And one time someone tried to "follow" me and wouldn't buzz off, so I clicked to "follow" her back and our characters ended up swirling around each other uncontrollably in total confusion. That was the only way I could get her to leave me alone. She was following me in town, to the bank, everything. Probably hoping I'd get shanked and she could steal my precious monies...
Posted in weight stuff and depression Posted 6 years ago
Medication and aging sure don't help with weight. I've had struggles myself over the years, mostly with work changing from physically demanding types to cushy office types with long hours of inactivity.

One thing that helped me lose weight pretty easily (going from size 12 to 8) was switching to drinking mostly water. I mean, once you look into the effects of caffeine on your body, you really stop wanting to even put soda and coffee in your mouth, anyway. I went down 2 sizes in 6 months and my only switch was cutting the soda out of my diet.

I had a coworker lose 200 pounds and he told me all he did was start walking. He stopped using elevators and only used stairs, he parked as far away from the doors of stores as possible, and he did some walking on the weekends. I was really impressed, especially cause he was in his 60s!

Small changes like that can really add up and help counteract some of the negative effects of birth control, sedentary employment, and depression and things that can make you want to overeat. Also, getting plenty of sleep actually helps your digestion (so I've heard).

But honestly, you look great. It's useless to compare yourself to others cause our bodies all work differently and we all have different stresses, habits, and lifestyles that affect us in different ways. You can try and just go for walks (listening to music to walk in step to is helpful), drink more water and less soda/juices, and buy fewer snacks (if they aren't around, you can't eat them!) for an easy start. Every little bit helps. And regardless, you should wear whatever makes you happy.
Posted in Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Posted 6 years ago
Have you guys played it? There was so much hype surrounding the game. It wasn't about what I thought it was going to be about, but I ended up loving it just the same. But all the hype died after the game was released (even though it did not disappoint) and no one seems to be talking about it anymore. Maybe because it was a download-only? Or maybe I'm looking in the wrong places...

Anyway, if you guys have played, let's talk about it! I'm obsessed with the Picts now and need an outlet for my excitement.
Posted in Just joined Posted 6 years ago
I think I first started getting into avatar sites to procrastinate, myself. lol Welcome!
Posted in Greetings Posted 6 years ago
You know, I kind of think I may have had an account once upon a time, myself. But if so I lost my info so I just made another last week. It's a lot more active now than I remember but still pretty slow. Let's help create some new topics!
Posted in new here! Posted 6 years ago
Your avatar's looking very cute! Nice to meet you. ^^
Posted in Another newbie... Posted 6 years ago
Thanks, @okios! I like your avatar. It's very busy but you've got some cool stuff.
Posted in Hello Posted 6 years ago
Hi! Nice to meet you. I'm new, too. Seems like a friendly place. ^^ I like it. I also like video games and art. I game but I'm not an artist.