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Posted in Physical or digital? Posted 4 years ago
Do you like physical copies of games or do you prefer digital?

I prefer physical for console, but digital for PC. I don't play many PC games, but it's the only way you can play Sims anymore (through Origin) and there's a site I love called Big Fish that sells really high quality point-and-click type games for cheap, and the more you download the more free stuff you can get!

I'm still not sold on console games, though. I have a few when that's the only way to get them, but I like having a disc on hand. Then I've got something to sell, too, if it sucks. XP
Posted in Ever connect with authors you love? Posted 4 years ago
Have you ever gotten to connect with an author you love?

I am a pretty shy person, but since I started going to Comic Con and meeting my favorite actors, I've grown bold. lol Not so much these days, but back in the early 2000s a lot of authors would actually put their email addresses in the backs of their books so fans could contact them as an alternative to sending fan mail to their publishers. Sounds kind of crazy to think about that, in today's world of cyber bullying! But I did reach out to a couple authors I enjoyed, and they both wrote me back!

These days, I "meet" a lot of my favorites on social media. Some of my absolute favorite authors of today have friended me on Twitter and Goodreads. And I feel blessed.

Do you reach out to authors and tell them how much you appreciate their work? Have you ever become friends with your favorite authors?
Posted in Book giveaways Posted 4 years ago
Does anyone else try to win book giveaways? GUYS. You gotta try it if you want free books. I don't try very hard or often and I've already won 4 books this year. I just follow a bunch of authors, bookstores, and publishing companies on social media, and when they post that they're hosting giveaways, I like and retweet and tag a friend, and I win stuff! I'm someone who never wins anything, but I've won books from two different authors, a book blogger, and a publishing company. I love free stuff!

Have you won any book giveaways and how much do you love free books?!
Posted in Stranger Things Posted 4 years ago
This is crazy, but I didn't watch the very last episode of season 2. lol! I guess I didn't like it as much as season 1 cause I just never finished it.

But I do love the series and I'm glad it's continuing. I think I was bothered in season 2 that Eleven left town and "split the party," so to speak. And they got a new girl, which also annoyed me. I liked the group they were and didn't want to see it change.
Posted in Ever been to a book convention? Posted 4 years ago
This year I got to go to my first ever book convention! It was sooo great. I got to meet Angie Thomas and Ashley Poston, two authors I really like. The con didn't let you take your own books in to be signed, but Barnes & Noble was hosting the author tables so you could go around to each author's table and pick up a copy of their book for them to sign, then there was a cash register at the very end where you paid for any books you picked up to get signed. The only bad thing was that some books I'd wanted were sold out by the time I got to meet their authors.

There were a lot of awesome panels, too! It was fantastic for fans of particular authors, and for writers, too. There were panels on specific genres (like fantasy), and they had free classes you could take (like on how to get an agent if you want to sell your own book).

This one was in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and is apparently an annual event. I am so excited to go again next year! It was a really pleasant drive and the location was awesome. Lots of good food and plenty of free parking. My state is actually having a book convention soon, too, and James Patterson will be there!

Have you been to a book con? Who did you meet and what was the experience like for you?
Posted in If you could change the ending... Posted 4 years ago
If you could change the ending of any book or series, what would it be?

When it comes to writing fan fiction, I will write about video game and anime characters all day long, but I have always felt awkward about taking another person's book and rewriting it. However...there is a book by Roxanne Longstreet called "The Undead," where the author suddenly switched directions halfway through and it makes me want to rewrite the second half of her book (especially the ending) SO BAD. I actually contacted the author to ask her why she did that. LOL! She said she had never written a book before, but that a friend of hers was in publishing and desperate (way before the time of Twilight) to find books about vampires, so she agreed to write one just for fun. And basically she didn't know what she was doing so she just had fun with it.

And it really is good, it is. But the writer in me wants to edit out one whole character, and give the book the ending it deserved. lol!
Posted in No energy. Posted 4 years ago
Caffeine just makes me more tired, cause it will keep me up all night and then the next day I am completely trashed. I feel much healthier after giving up soda and coffee and just sticking mainly to water. I sleep better and never get insomnia anymore.
Posted in Sometimes I Hate The Postal Service Posted 4 years ago
@LordLucre: Ugh. That fricking sucks.
The postal service around here is notorious for that, too.
They just leave the note that you missed it, but didn't even bother coming to the door. :/

Ours has done that, too! I figure they have deadlines or something. Luckily I'm home most days around the time mail comes, and doubly luckily I live in a cul de sac, so they have to pass by my house twice. And if they just leave a slip the first time without trying to actually deliver, I cross the street to my neighbor's house and wait for them to come by a second time and make them give me my stuff.

The worst thing that ever happened to me, though, was last year a package from Japan went missing. My wife and I use this service called Tenso, where you can buy Japan-only products and have them sent to a post office box run by Tenso. They will package all your packages into one parcel and ship them to you in another country, in case some sellers won't ship outside of Japan due to costs and hassle. (Not illegal stuff and no liquids or anything like that.)

Well, we had $200 worth of merch reach customs in New York and just disappear. And we couldn't rebuy anything, because they had either sold out in the online shops we use (like Booth) or because they imposed a quantity limit.

We just kept hoping our stuff would eventually turn up, as the months went by. And then I happened upon an ebay auction THAT HAD MY STUFF. The exact things I had ordered, in the exact quantities, from one particular seller. I knew that was absolutely my stuff, but I was scared to tell the seller up front in case they took the listing down and ghosted me. So I paid $100 for just a small portion of my original parcel from Tenso. Then once it was safely in my hands at home, I messaged the seller and asked how they had ended up with my package. And he told me that he went to a postal auction in Atlanta (nowhere near my home state). The post office somehow must have damaged my package to the point where my address wasn't readable, then they just opened all my stuff up and sold it at auction!

I never did recover any more of it. That guy promised to help me track more things down, and I even sent him a list with pictures and he decided he couldn't be bothered. I'll never get that other stuff back.
Posted in Multiplayer or solo? Posted 4 years ago
Do you prefer to play games with others, or fly solo?

I like a solo game the best. Unless I can play with my wife. I don't like a split screen, but if we can both play the same game on the same console, or be on two computers and join one another, I love it! I don't care to play with strangers online, though. I've never found anyone really reliable to play with like that.
Posted in Steam sale Posted 4 years ago
The only thing I ever used Steam for was to buy a copy of a game I had on disc that was too outdated to be played on modern computers. And I played for like a day and never again. I like physical copies of things. I just feel safer that way for some reason.
Posted in When you create a character, is it you? Posted 4 years ago
@vengeance: I only made myself in Sims 4 for one reason, and that was when Pets came out, I promised my cat I would make a sim of him. And I didn't want him to be raised by anyone else. lol!
Posted in Sims 4 Posted 4 years ago
@vengeance: You can "get famous" from other careers, too! I have a 5-star celebrity writer. You just use the old careers rather than getting new versions of musicians, singers, and authors, which were already part of the game.

I heard Sims 2 was all free at some point, but I'd already bought them all long ago. I haven't played in ages, though. The computer with all my custom content on it is old and I had way too much stuff to transfer from one computer to another. Though I guess now they make thumb drives that can hold several gigs. I have it installed on my gaming computer but the resolution is weird now. I just sure miss the packs it came with.

I can't wait to see how the Sims 4 magic stuff will look. I kind of hope it comes with other supernatural stuff, too. I'd like to have a zombie sim. lol
Posted in When you create a character, is it you? Posted 4 years ago
A lot of games today let you customize the appearance of your player character. Do you find that you gravitate toward making a character who looks and acts like you, or do you go for something completely opposite and with totally different goals and morals than yourself?

I make males and females at a pretty even ratio, and I don't try to make anyone who looks like me intentionally. I tend to use other races and builds than my own, really. But I almost always play a "good guy." Even when I want to try playing as a member of the dark side, like a mass murderer or a thief, I tend to just do it for a little fun, then don't save those characters. I always tend to make a goody two shoes, even when I would like to see how the other side lives.
Posted in A game you could never beat? Posted 4 years ago
@vengeance: Those old Disney and other cartoon games were no joke!

@Bioshock: Games used to be harder in general, I think. Well, of course, there was no "save point" and definitely no handy "autosave" feature. By the time you got to the end your thumbs hurt so bad you just wanted to quit. lol

@Monorea: I have this one game, I forget what it's called...for Xbox 360. I bought it used and started playing and I LOVED it. It was one of the most fun games I'd ever tried. Then I was talking to this NPC who was supposed to progress my story, and I turned around and he was gone. He just vanished. I left and came back, I reloaded my save. Just...gone. I did a Google search to see where I was supposed to go next, and read that the game was glitched so that sometimes quest-required NPCs would just DISAPPEAR, leaving you unable to progress any further in the game. And I bought it years after it came out, and they never put out any patches or fixes. I was devastated and never touched it again.

@macsen191: I don't know if those can be beaten, or if they just go on forever... I haven't played a lot of Fallout but I know even once you complete the main quests in Skyrim, there are radiant quests that just keep respawning in the guilds.