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@Junko7: just checked! it's called Acrobat. your current is spectacular though! you should keep it for at least a little while longer :p
@Junko7: i don't think i have that item either. i do know of a butterfly-themed item with multiple arms, though! or at least, i think it does. i'll check my inventory for it
hello again everyone!

@Junko7: more eyes would look incredible, wouldn't it?
checked the wiki and it didn't say what the dragon slayer is made of. aw nuts.
@Kairu: i don't actually know what the dragon slayer from berserk is made of, i'll have to check the wiki
It was too big to be called a sword. Massive, thick, heavy, and far too rough. Indeed, it was a heap of raw iron.
did someone say big sword
the halloween aesthetic is more versatile, i think
@Totalanimefan: those banana muffins look good :O
@Junko7: very nice!

@Totalanimefan: hey! how are you doing today?
oh last night we reached page 69, so now we're shooting for 420
hello everyone! how's the quest for 420?
@Junko7: i've seen videos where people "100%" the chao garden by breeding and training the ultimate chao and it boggles my mind. i never even paid much attention to the stats when i played, i just wanted them to be able to swim lol
@Junko7: the chao garden brings back so many memories... i was too young to know how to spell most words and my siblings would let me name the chao so they all got really shitty names like "MOM" or "DAD". the chao would start drowning and i'd go "MOM!" and my mother would go "what?" good times.