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Posted in Your Pokemon Journey [Page Prizes!] Posted 3 years ago

☆ ROCKET | LVL 10 | EXP 9300 ☆

woah hey i haven't said anything here in forever. how is everyone?
Posted in Memorial Day Weekend Posted 3 years ago
i completely forgot memorial day was coming. the passage of time is so weird this year. time is fake, the apocalypse is coming, etc., etc.
aw it's a shame the event is coming to an end. how is everyone?
@Totalanimefan: that's good, i'm glad! it would suck if you ran out of groceries, especially right now
give it up for page 316! there's no real significance, we're just getting closer...

anyway hey! how is everyone today?
Posted in VIBRANCE DAY FREEBIES OF WOE Posted 3 years ago
@inatlaka: i'm sure your art looks great with a mouse! tablets are extremely useful, but i don't like to write off mouse/trackpad art. people can do some really amazing things with it ^_^
Posted in VIBRANCE DAY FREEBIES OF WOE Posted 3 years ago
@inatlaka: i used an open-source freeware program called krita. it's meant to be similar to photoshop and illustrator

@Miss Sandman: nice! how's your island coming along?

@Deaa: oh she's lovely! i'll add you to the queue ;p
Posted in VIBRANCE DAY FREEBIES OF WOE Posted 3 years ago
@Kitalpha Hart:
hope you don't mind i changed the palette a little, i was in the mood for some nice, bright primary colors

@inatlaka: oh thank you but you don't have to if you don't want to :p
yeah i'm really happy with the event! it's a cute concept and i'm enjoying it a lot for someone who doesn't care for valentine's day. i really appreciate the work that went into it. i just like to joke about dating clowns
maybe if we reach page 420 we'll unlock the secret clown date
Posted in VIBRANCE DAY FREEBIES OF WOE Posted 3 years ago
@Miss Sandman: not much, really! i've been in kind of a funk lately, so i haven't been too productive. i've mostly been watching my sister play animal crossing because i don't have the motivation to play it myself, but i'm trying to be better about that sort of thing! i'm doing art to give myself something to do that i like to do, you know? how about you?

@inatlaka: i'm glad you like it! :D
Posted in Date Unlocked: Lin the Ringmaster Posted 3 years ago
voltra staff are cowards for including these two from the circus but not the clown. give me clown date or give me death /j

in all seriousness, this was lovely as always! i'm really enjoying learning more about the circus characters since i wasn't around during that event, but their designs have always interested me. thank you for the hard work, team! ^_^ b
Posted in VIBRANCE DAY FREEBIES OF WOE Posted 3 years ago
sorry about how messy this is, my hands get shakier later on in the day, but i wanted to finish it for you as soon as i could! i went for sort of a glamorous look since that's the vibes i get from your avatar!

@Synth: i love your username! and yeah sure thing, i'll add you to the queue!

@Miss Sandman: thank you! and hello :D