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@Totalanimefan: trash king vreg! he's my favorite so far.
@Totalanimefan: that's exciting! i'm still getting the hang of all the characters, but i do remember the ones that were around for solstice, which i'm assuming is the main gang.
@Totalanimefan: i did! the dating sim is really cute and i'm looking forward to tomorrow's! do we have any clue who it'll be?
@pachi: out of the frying pan, and into the fire. i kid, i kid, it's always nice to talk to y'all ^_^

@Totalanimefan: valentine's isn't my favorite holiday, so i'm not super excited or anything for vibrance day, but i'm happy to join everyone else and celebrate nonetheless! how about you?
oh hi total! it's always nice to see you! i'm lurking a bit more than i should :p
i got a hat
well not really a hat, but you know.

i've been thinking about opening an art shop on here, and i've started tons of drafts for the thread on google docs, but i'm so scared to actually do it lol. how are you supposed to know if people actually want your art?
Posted in Date Unlock: Vanora Aria Posted 3 years ago
oh my god this is adorable i'm so excited
i usually have the blackout theme on. nice and dark, with cool accent colors. *chef's kiss* beautiful. i had to change the site theme as soon as i could, the white was too much for me. but hey, different strokes for different folks.
i try to keep the event themes turned on during the whole event, so i'm gonna at least give the vibrance day theme a shot, even if it's a little cheery for my tastes. :p

how's everyone's day today?
omg the site theme changed and it's so bright @_@

anyway hi everyone!
@Junko7: don't listen to the haters (i'm kidding about there being haters) your avatar is amazing
vibe love letter check, how's everyone's count looking? i'm at 35
@Tsundererra: they started business in the san francisco bay area, which is where i live, so that's why i know of them :p
apparently quickly is a global chain. i had no idea :O
Quickly (Chinese: 快可立; pinyin: Kuàikělì) is one of the largest tapioca milk tea franchises in the world, with over 2000 locations in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.