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my dad called me an idiot so i'm in the greatest mood right now /s. snacks sound really good tho. do you guys prefer salty or sweet?
i agree on the shoe thing. we could always use more interesting shoes.
oh i really get that. i hope we'll get some more facial variety sometime, it'd be nice to have more striking features.
vichard's item is a narcissus...

anyway hello everyone! how are you all today?
i've been meaning to find people to follow on my new art accounts anyway, so i'm glad you mentioned deviantart :p

yours @s, hand em over
yeah i'm not sure about how actually using it works, since i haven't interacted with many people yet, but appearance-wise i like it. i always hated the weird bile-y green they chose for the background
my main issue with deviantart is the image quality compression. no idea how that works or how to fix it, but all my pieces have been compressed to hell
i just joined deviantart again recently. i used it YEARS ago back when i was 14 or 15. think my account is too new to switch it back, but that's ok. eclipse doesn't look TOO horrible.
oh the new layout? i wasn't aware you could switch it back to the old one.
why thank you dragoness! :p

is eclipse the dark theme? personally i'm partial to it
hey folks how's page 263 treatin ya
hey! i'm just doing a voltra puzzle and talking to you guys. ^_^ how are you?
can we start an official meeting of the mao fan club
aww i hope your cat is having a nice dream! what's their name?