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i was too young to be on avatar sites in their heyday, but i sort of have inherited nostalgia from my older siblings using sites like gaia
oh i forgot time zones existed. i saw it was 8PM and thought "what do you mean late?" and then i realized it's only 8PM on the west coast
oh we're on the quest for 420?
@Junko7: absolutely! i should get to posting some examples on voltra so you can see what my art looks like
page 69. nice.
(the sex number)
@Totalanimefan: oh no worries i don't think we were talking about anything particularly important. :p

@Junko7: if you do end up opening art trades, i'd love to work with you! i've been trying to get my foot in the voltra art market door, but i'm very nervous about it
i'm personally aiming for 666
page 69 is approaching this is very important to me
do you guys think we'll be getting new art pieces for the puzzles or would that be asking too much? i'm excited for puzzle stuff, but if they're not planning on updating it, that's ok, i know it's not technically supposed to be here for this event.
@Totalanimefan: trash king vreg! he's my favorite so far.
@Totalanimefan: that's exciting! i'm still getting the hang of all the characters, but i do remember the ones that were around for solstice, which i'm assuming is the main gang.
@Totalanimefan: i did! the dating sim is really cute and i'm looking forward to tomorrow's! do we have any clue who it'll be?
@pachi: out of the frying pan, and into the fire. i kid, i kid, it's always nice to talk to y'all ^_^

@Totalanimefan: valentine's isn't my favorite holiday, so i'm not super excited or anything for vibrance day, but i'm happy to join everyone else and celebrate nonetheless! how about you?