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oh the new layout? i wasn't aware you could switch it back to the old one.
why thank you dragoness! :p

is eclipse the dark theme? personally i'm partial to it
hey folks how's page 263 treatin ya
hey! i'm just doing a voltra puzzle and talking to you guys. ^_^ how are you?
can we start an official meeting of the mao fan club
aww i hope your cat is having a nice dream! what's their name?
YEAH i find that always makes the calls more difficult to sit through
oh i avoid my family zoom calls because they make me anxious lol. good thing my older relatives really just like to talk among themselves. hope yours will go well!
@pachi: thanks lol. it looks underdressed in comparison to yours, but i wanted to give a street look a go! plus i bought these silly pants and i gotta use em somehow :p

@Bonnie: i'm doing well! been playing silent hill 2 so i'm in a nice and spooky mood.
hey gang! how is everyone today?

@pachi: here's my attempt:
my decoding services are free, you're welcome :p
thank you my friend! ^_^
i had a need for bigger hair
@Junko7: yay for you! hopefully your commissions continue to go well!

@Yandere: good night!
@Junko7: it is! vary nice, i mean. i need to get my hands on more items (the majority of mine were gifted by some very lovely folks), but i'm very bad at actually talking to people with the intention of making a transaction. maybe i'll stop being so shy and give it a shot soon