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Posted in Team Ice Cabin Posted 4 years ago
ok be honest with me— did anyone else read all the letters in vreg's minigame? mama i am a criminal
Posted in Team Ice Cabin Posted 4 years ago
aw nuts it looks like i'm having the same uniform issue. hopefully it'll be fixed soon but i don't mind waiting!
Posted in Team Ice Cabin Posted 4 years ago
hey everyone! i was legally obligated to join the goth team. how are y'all? i'll try out the uniform in a sec :O
Posted in Stories Around the Campfire Posted 4 years ago
4 Adjectives
vile, sweet, spicy, salty

3 Verbs
type, cram, sleep

2 Adverbs
allegedly, accidentally

2 Nouns
crystal ball, houseplant

2 Emotions
lethargic, distraught

1 Voltra NPC
vregory (the best boy)

1 Sound

edit: OH whoops there was an actual die to use. oof
Posted in POST UR PRIDE ^_^ Posted 4 years ago
@DevilkinBoi: aw that cake sounds adorable! i wish you the best with your mom, getting parents to understand is always one of the biggest hurdles.

@Kitalpha Hart: my bad, i'll definitely remember from here on out. aromantic rights!

@Lilykin: yours are so sweet! i love the use of the bubblegum item!
Posted in Saturday Night Lounge Posted 4 years ago
hey total! is this saturday night fever or saturday night live? DISCLAIMER: i haven't watched either
Posted in POST UR PRIDE ^_^ Posted 4 years ago
oh almost forgot to mentioned i updated mine a little. :p they're minuscule changes, but, hey, i think they're cool.

Posted in POST UR PRIDE ^_^ Posted 4 years ago

@Biohazard: very swag. epic. bisexuals ftw.

@Kitalpha Hart: wow so many! and they're all lovely! hope your pride month is going well! i always forget what the green flag is, but asexuals rise up!

@sunny: allies are always welcome too!

@DevilkinBoi: @0v7: nothing but respect for our boys in blue... and pink and white. your avatars look great and very handsome! hopefully the name change goes smoothly, 0!

@Nephila: yours is so, so pretty! i love what you did with the bald head, ladies look really good and powerful with short/shaved hair, i don't care what anyone says. bring it back, bisexuals!

@Lina: i'm very fond of how spooky yours is! asexual rights!
Posted in POST UR PRIDE ^_^ Posted 4 years ago
happy pride month! i thought it'd be fun to make a thread where people can share pride stories, avatars, etc. i don't have too much to say unfortunately, but here's mine!:

go nuts y'all. don't hide gay pride!
the new item is great! remember everyone: don't hide gay pride!
i just got 25 ohms from clicking the daily balloon thing... how did i not notice this was a thing in all my months of using voltra...
Posted in Memorial Day Weekend Posted 4 years ago
i completely forgot memorial day was coming. the passage of time is so weird this year. time is fake, the apocalypse is coming, etc., etc.
aw it's a shame the event is coming to an end. how is everyone?
@Totalanimefan: that's good, i'm glad! it would suck if you ran out of groceries, especially right now