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@Totalanimefan: oh that's amazing!! congrats & i hope your graduation goes wonderfully!!
@Totalanimefan: it's been ups and downs, but i'm doing alright! been pushing myself to write more and hopefully i'll have something interesting to show at the end of it :p

how's your week so far?
@Totalanimefan: the only farming sim i've played is stardew valley, and the combat in that is not my favorite. but it sounds like there's more depth to the combat in harvestella
@Totalanimefan: oooo is harvestella a new farming sim? apparently they're making a lot of those now lol

@Trixie Kay: oh no! hopefully you can take it easy soon!

@Ryume: believe it or not i picked up that phrase from a therapist i had when i was a teenager lol

@Alchemists Fire: the café is so cute! it's a great idea too so props to whoever brainstormed that one
@Trixie Kay: oops i'm late! but i'm alright today. been doing a lot of reading lately to keep my mind off of the hard things lol

@Totalanimefan: hi total!! always great to see you! you're one of voltra's friendliest faces lol. i'm alright, how are you doing?
@milkshake: thank you!!

i was looking at the NPCs' profiles to find the new art and i hadn't seen the cafe yet! that explains who vigo and russel are! lol i was lost on that one.
thank you both!!

i saw the new (to me) NPC avatars and i am in love. the voltra art team killed it!
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anyway feel free to say hi anybody
Posted in Mini-bump thread Posted 4 weeks ago
though i guess it never went any further down
Posted in Mini-bump thread Posted 4 weeks ago
ba ba ba ba bump!
Posted in Mini-bump thread Posted 4 weeks ago
bumper cars go beep beep
Posted in Mini-bump thread Posted 4 weeks ago
aw man that pokémon game thread seems to have been long-since buried. i really enjoyed that one, it was cute!

in the meantime, i'll just post some stuffs.

i don't think i'll keep up with this thread for long.
hi again volties! been meaning to make a "comeback" thread for a while, but i couldn't decide what to actually write. so here i am, just writing nonsense.

how is everyone holding up? did i miss much on the site? in your lives? feel free to just shoot the shit about whatever in this thread, since i'm just excited to be back lol.
Posted in Horror movie fans, am I weird? Posted 4 weeks ago
don't worry, cheering for the villain doesn't reflect on your actual morals lol. i had a similar reaction myself when i learned you WEREN'T supposed to root for carrie.