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Hello! Call me Koah. I'm in my 20s.Married.I'm a mom of 2. and I got 3 huskies.
You'll find me actively online in the morning while I'm having my morning coffee.
I love art, animals, people, and books.
Artwork I've recieved. <3

By Ruby


  • Purpsy Purpsy (3 days ago)


  • Vegan Vegan (1 month ago)

    That is super sweet of you! ♡ Yours makes me excited for Christmas. xD; I hope you have a lovely day ahead! ♡

  • Vegan Vegan (1 month ago)

    You have such a pretty avatar! ♡

  • Ruby Ruby (2 months ago)

    I love what you did with yours!!!

  • Ruby Ruby (2 months ago)

    Thanks! Changed again rofl

  • Ruby Ruby (2 months ago)

    Great avi!