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Shadami Sha/female

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I'm from the state of New York, so far from the big apple that i've only been there once in my life. It's not exactly a day trip away. I started my online love of forum sites with neopets back in the day and when it started going down hill and I got older I discovered gaia which... well ... took the same turn. I still loved the idea of an amazing avatar forum though and so one day I stumbled upon Menewsha. Since than I have joined many various sites where you can find me as Shadami, chatting it up and enjoying the friendships I make and the general beautiful art that is avatars.

Maybe a bit of a pack rat with items. I love collecting them all so that I can sit and play with them in all kinds of different ways because I can't do such a thing in real life. I'm not a rich person, and I'm a complete failure at sewing so I can't hire people to make clothes in my style for my size. I'm working on changing these things so that one day I can achieve my dream of living out my own style off the computer screen. But I love that avatar communities let me be who I am.


  • SuperZombiePotatoe SuperZombiePotatoe (4 years ago)

    Hi Sha!! OMG I'm so happy to see you T_T<3<3

  • Kent Kent (4 years ago)

    The haiku was nice. Thank you! :'D

  • Synthetic Nature Synthetic Nature (5 years ago)

    Woo! I put a Trick item in our trade! Thanks! ^.^

  • FUZZY FUZZY (5 years ago)

    I will try, if I aint in too much pain

  • FUZZY FUZZY (5 years ago)

    Well she must have been eating great, but that is very good to hear.

  • FUZZY FUZZY (5 years ago)

    Your so very welcome, is she a little peanut?


Sorting things, having things nice and organized, trying new things, avatar sites, friendly people.


I don't feel I should fill this one out other than coffee.


Paint, Draw, Crochet, Write, Dungeons and Dragons, Video Games, Reading, Swimming, Magic the Gathering, Board Games