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pachi's Avatar


hmu about hypmic lol


hi, i'm masa. i do art.
currently grinding away at my webcomic.

closet | hangout | artshop

header art by me.
profile under construction lmfao


  • LilMissKushy LilMissKushy (6 days ago)

    Your welcome ^.^

  • LilMissKushy LilMissKushy (6 days ago)

    Hello pachi ^.^ i love you're avatar so pretty

  • Castiel Castiel (2 weeks ago)

    Oh yeah? That sounded like a pretty effective way to do it!

  • Castiel Castiel (2 weeks ago)

    That sounds like a good idea! Only problem was that I didn't know anyone else at the concert except family. xD

  • Castiel Castiel (2 weeks ago)

    Aww man. I'm the same way. I don't remember much of it,but I got a couple pictures.

  • Castiel Castiel (3 weeks ago)

    It really is! Like,you can feel the music in your body. Aw man. I'm sorry! My memory isn't great in general. XD