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diavolos they/them

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Im just a smol bean (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I like K-Pop, drawing and making friends~

amazing art by prezial ;u;

adorable art by Purpsy o3o


  • Ruby Ruby (1 month ago)

    Whatcha gettin rid of?

  • Ruby Ruby (1 month ago)

    Aww I’m sorry ;3; I hope things get better soon <3
    I’ve been good! I have to move furniture soon, my neighbor is moving and we get her couch xD

  • Ruby Ruby (1 month ago)

    No worries!! I totally understand. Everything okay? I’m here if you wanna talk but no pressure if you don’t wanna <3 thanks for accepting! I didn’t mind waiting ^^

  • Ruby Ruby (1 month ago)

    Oh hey! Nice to see you online :3 did you get my trade?

  • Ruby Ruby (4 months ago)

    finally got those volts for the trade~ Sorry for the long wait!

  • Kittyzilla Kittyzilla (5 months ago)

    Just glad i could help