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Hello, i am AngelicTeaTime though feel free to shorten it to either Tea or TeaTime, i am a former member of GaiaOnline though after friends left i noticed it just was no longer the place for me, since around 24/03/22 i am around here on Voltra, and to be entirely honest this is far more enjoyable personally.

I may sometimes reply somewhat slow or perhaps a bit awkward, though currently trying to beat my social anxiety step by step, so please be patient with me.

{She/Her} {Bday: 15-09} {Single and wishing to remain so for now}

I have quite some free time on my hands thanks to medical issues, Because of this most of my time is dedicated to my hobbies, Drawing, Coloring, Resin, baking, and cooking, in drawing my skills are somewhat rusty right now but practicing on a daily base.

i play on fully enjoying my time here on Voltra as much as possible and as long as possible, i have already met a few very kind and welcoming members and i hope to make many new friends perhaps bump into familiar ones who knows, feel free to message me with questions or just a conversation.



  • Vegan Vegan (3 weeks ago)

    No problem! I am glad I could help in some way!

  • Totalanimefan Totalanimefan (3 weeks ago)

    Wow that's awesome. ^^ The Community is great here.

  • Totalanimefan Totalanimefan (3 weeks ago)

    Loving your avatar!

  • Vegan Vegan (3 weeks ago)

    Find helpful! (Also, no worries about paying me, consider it a later than expected 'welcome' gift). <3

  • Vegan Vegan (3 weeks ago)

    I am so proud of you for trying stuff that makes you feel intimidated, but, you're going to do great! I hope you're doing well by the way! Sending you a trade of some stuff I won't need that you ma

  • Vegan Vegan (3 weeks ago)

    That's good! Even if you are using it for practice to learn! I don't think you'd go about trying to take full credit, it's just the person I knew never did + claimed to make it all from scratch. D