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  • Lucifera Lucifera (5 hours ago)

    They are pretty Cute. OwO

  • Lucifera Lucifera (11 hours ago)

    Hope I didn't miss anything. Lol! But I appreciate it! THank you!

  • Lucifera Lucifera (11 hours ago)

    Awe, thank you! Arm are from acrobat, and the shirt is just hanging there, kinda looks like more arms. Pawns marching, Hypnotist for the eyes, and bearly cute DNI for the cute accessories.

  • pagliacci pagliacci (1 day ago)

    Oh, haha. Thank you. Yours is looking great, too!

  • Tyveri Tyveri (1 week ago)

    Nope I am good

  • Dread Pirate Dread Pirate (1 week ago)

    Yeah and no have a gift.