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  • Kent Kent (7 months ago)

    Oh, wow. I'm so sorry. D:
    That sounds like it could be the Butterfly Kisses Orb. It could possibly be the Dreams of Delight Crate set too though? Well, I hope you find them. X3

  • Kent Kent (7 months ago)

    Well, yellow is a very vague clue. XD You didn't catch the names of the items? o wo; The only summer items I can think of are event items or the summer orbs.

  • Kent Kent (7 months ago)

    lol I can try to help if you tell me which ones they are. Or just wish you luck in finding them. XD If they're consumables, they'll be in the inventory and not the dressing room.

  • Kent Kent (7 months ago)

    Alright, just was worried since your post in the announcement sounded like you thought it was over. o vo; I only got through three letters. Don't think I'll pay for more. :P

  • Kent Kent (7 months ago)

    You can send letters to the guardians until the 20th. Just click on the animated letter in the header.

  • Totalanimefan Totalanimefan (3 years ago)

    Yeah extreme weather is no bueno.


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