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LilMissKushy Kushy

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  • icedchai icedchai (4 days ago)

    you've always got the coolest avis! i super enjoy seeing the cool looks you come up with ^^

  • Koah Koah (2 weeks ago)

    Your avi is amazing! :D

  • milkshake milkshake (2 weeks ago)

    ur rly cute

  • McMoney McMoney (3 weeks ago)

    That's awesome! Can't wait to see what you do with it :)

  • McMoney McMoney (3 weeks ago)

    Background is from "Virgil's Memory"! Got it around Christmas time last year :)

  • kiwi kiwi (3 weeks ago)



I like animals.. food.. gaming.. watching funny movies or funny videos on youtube


Fake people..liars..and people who are rude mean and cruel


Read.. gaming.. walking my dog