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LilMissKushy Kushy

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  • Totalanimefan Totalanimefan (3 weeks ago)

    Thank you! I love it! <33

  • Aisukohi Aisukohi (1 month ago)

    You're welcome, and thank you as well! <3

  • Ava Ava (1 month ago)

    Hey, thanks for the items! :) I appreciate it! <3

  • Ruby Ruby (1 month ago)

    Aww thanks! Its a little more cluttered than I normally go for but I really wanted to capture that santa’s workshop feel lol

  • Ruby Ruby (1 month ago)

    Love your avi!

  • Aisukohi Aisukohi (1 month ago)

    Your avi is gorgeous. *o*


I like animals.. food.. gaming.. watching funny movies or funny videos on youtube


Fake people..liars..and people who are rude mean and cruel


Read.. gaming.. walking my dog


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