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So you guys wanna know about me.

First of where am i from im from a small town in illinois called ottawa ask before you come over. What do i like to do i like to play video games tabletop game and uhh well write and draw i want to get into twitch im making moves to do that its just a process for those who want to know it pm me


  • xvz xvz (2 days ago)

    if u ever want art :3 feel free to trade in this art voucher anytime ▱

  • xvz xvz (2 days ago)

    thank u so so much <333 i am so appreciative!!! T^T

  • xvz xvz (2 days ago)

    omfg tysm, ru sure?? TT^TT<3333333333 can i offer u art or anything?

  • inatlaka inatlaka (6 months ago)

    hi I sent you a trade <3

  • Amber Lynne Amber Lynne (6 months ago)

    Ohhh, fair. Still, hope it all goes well. Moving can be hell, moving across state lines I assume would be worse!

    And eh. I know what the issue fo rmy feet IS. I just gotta get my paws on the money

  • Amber Lynne Amber Lynne (6 months ago)

    Ohhhh, hope that goes well!
    Although ... why Utah?

    And things are all right here. Insomnia is hitting hard, gotta dump a ton of money on stuff for my feet, usual? XD


You babe ;)