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4Minute is my favorite K-pop girl group and I've been sad since their disbandment. This is one of my fav songs and videos of theirs.


I'm a nostalgic 27 year old from Ohio who loves art and music.

(I came here after looking for something similar to the old Solia. My username on there is Arc and I recognize a few users from there on here!)

I like to draw, exercise when I'm not being lazy, study (Japanese, Korean, dental subjects, etc), listen to music, and watch random things. I'm very nostalgic and love anything from the 90s-early 2000s.

You’ll see me posting around randomly throughout Voltra, or mostly see me posting in my spam threads. I’m pretty shy and don’t know how to hold a conversation well at times, so I usually keep to myself. But feel free to talk to me, I’m really friendly!

Also, I love giving compliments! I tend to compliment avatars a lot.


  • Naeril Naeril (3 days ago)

    Thanks! It's pretty old but I love it so I carry it around with me anywhere I go ^_^

  • CarACarn CarACarn (3 days ago)

    Oh thank you! I like yours too! Red is my favorite :P

  • GoblinsAndTea GoblinsAndTea (7 days ago)

    Aah thanks!!!

  • Merynia Merynia (1 week ago)

    Aww thank you!!! 😊❤️❤️❤️

  • Totalanimefan Totalanimefan (1 week ago)

    Thank you <333

  • vioxeri vioxeri (2 weeks ago)

    Aw thank you so much! ♥ yours is cute as well ^-^;;;;


Art, Music, J-rock/J-pop, K-Pop, Anime, Murder Mysteries, Crime Shows, Flowers, Nostalgia, Coffee, Clouds


I hate having anxiety and depression


Drawing, listening to music, exercising, studying