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Ruby She/Her

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28 • Leo • North Carolina • Lead Item Tech for Voltra

I'm a 90's kid, I use xD waaaay too much, but I'm not sorry 😎

Not sure what else to write here haha Feel free to ask me questions if you have any, I'm pretty much an open book~

Also known as R u b y from Ernya/Menewsha and Ruby from Pantheon
Joined Voltra January 6th 2020

I love art! Draw me? :3

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  • milkshake milkshake (1 month ago)

    I got assaulted once because I was too androgynous for a Karen but now everyone's scared of me so it definitely works out lmao. The judging looks from them kills me bc I'm just living life lol

  • Mandy Amour Mandy Amour (2 months ago)

    It wasn't anything bad, just one of those days where the patients were testing my patience lol..alot..

  • Wildfire Wildfire (2 months ago)

    LOL - I get that, 100%, but there are different levels to "busy" - "hectic" can be one of them, but doesn't need to be... but the line between them can be really thin sometimes XD

  • Mandy Amour Mandy Amour (2 months ago)

    I had a bad day at work, so I had to make light of it and it came out in a new avatar xD

  • Wildfire Wildfire (2 months ago)

    Not hectic, really; just busy... but that's life, right? XD

  • milkshake milkshake (2 months ago)

    people definitely stare lol, living in a small yeehaw town especially xD.


Cats, Crafts, Crochet, Food, Movies, Slime Rancher, The Sims 4


Spiders, Bugs, Natural Disasters, Bad Smells, Loud Sounds, People Chewing, Rude People .


Crochet (making amigurumi), Button Making, Video Games