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Posted in Hello Posted 4 weeks ago
    @Super: No trouble at all.
    I play very casual simulation games on a Switch, so I understand having a preference for a particular console. There are a few games I'd love to play, but they were only made for a PC and the idea of sitting at a desk even longer is frown-inducing to me. I don't think I've played a console game since the height of Rockband. That game had everyone in a chokehold.
Posted in The Boys (TV Show) Posted 4 weeks ago
    I felt like the show did a great job showcasing what it would be like to have superheroes in our society. Obviously a corporation would be creating them, and controlling the PR around them. And obviously they would all be wretched. You only have to look at the celebrities and idols of the day to see how it would be a very real problem.

    I don't know who my favorite character was, but they all certainly pushed boundaries.
Posted in Anger >:| Posted 4 weeks ago
    Firstly let me extend my condolences.

    This is my (semi) area of expertise, so I can answer that from a technical perspective. Much of the shitty treatment that victims receive is due to poor sensitivity training on the part of the police, and even of the members in the justice system. As an example, the state where I'm from had a judge who would chastise victims of SA--even underage ones--for what they were wearing; both at the time of the attack and while in the courtroom. No consequences.

    And this is when something finally gets to court. But it feels like so often the state doesn't even want to prosecute predators, so why is that?

    Often this is because it is in the full discretion of the prosecutor's office to pursue an offender. The reasons they won't pursue something like this is either because they're (a) ambitious and they want a "clean" record of winning cases, or (b) they're still laboring under the perception that assault cases are expensive and filled with more he-said-she-said (regardless of gender identity here) and won't have a "favorable" outcome.

    This is also in culmination with how there is a national backlog of R-test kits. I think in my home state there were something like a few thousand just sitting around? Victims are still expected to do all the legwork for their own incident and then when they refuse to undergo very invasive/intrusive interviews by the police, they're labeled as uncooperative or worse--false claims.

    Police are like the first line of defense. They collect facts, statements, all the information a legal team would need to pursue a charge through the legal system. It's the prosecution (otherwise known as "the state" or "the District Attorney (D.A.)") who pursues this charge if the predator waffles.
Posted in The Trash Heap [S] CIs+RIGs+more Posted 4 weeks ago
    I'd love to buy the Year of the Monkey from you, if it's still available.
Posted in Hello Posted 4 weeks ago
    Welcome to the site.
    Do you have any particular favorites when it comes to games? Or ones that you find yourself returning to repeatedly?
Posted in ▪︎ neon's hiding spot ▪︎ Posted 4 weeks ago
    Did you manage to find a pair that you liked?

    I have a couple of pairs of flats in various shopping carts online, but I haven't taken that last step yet. Partly because I'm still laboring under the delusion that I could wear my heels all day for a week or two before needing a smart pair of flats.
Posted in Remember to check in on your nemesis! Posted 4 weeks ago

    I've got to hear the story behind this.

    If I had a nemesis, I don't know that I would spare a thought for them. I'd have to be all-in, or all-out.
Posted in ▪︎ neon's hiding spot ▪︎ Posted 4 weeks ago
    I was just looking for some smoking flats myself. I tend to wear the same black booties and the bottom has worn through. It's not so bad when it's sunny out, but one drop of rain and my poor sock knows it.

    I'm just going to be spending the weekend jumping through these hoops for a job screening.
Posted in ▪︎ neon's hiding spot ▪︎ Posted 1 month ago
    I heard insoles make a huge difference--particularly when you get older. Gone are the days when you could slap on any old pair of converse and walk for days!

    Wasps are the mean girls of the bee world, I feel. It's just wild how aggressive they can be, but it's impressive where they can build their nests and take over an area without some human intervention. We had a little wasp nest starting in the corner of the front door but it was small enough that we just had to flick it away.
Posted in ▪︎ neon's hiding spot ▪︎ Posted 1 month ago
    @Kay: I feel you on the job and finances stress. Instead of being on leave, I've just been searching for a job for a while without luck. At this point, I'm starting to wonder if I wouldn't have more luck just submitting a resume with the sentence, "I love pizza parties and you can pay me in Monopoly Currency."

    I'm pleased to hear you just received the o.k. to return to work. I hope it's a nice and easy transition back in and your stresses start to ease away.

    It sounds like it was a rough injury and you're really having to re-learn everything that has to do with movement. What's the most surprising thing you learned about having the injury?
Posted in ▪︎ neon's hiding spot ▪︎ Posted 1 month ago
    @Totalanimefan: Mm, I think it has been fairly temperate. We've had a lot of rain recently so things are very green and when the days are sunny they're still cool at this time. Just now it's about 60ºF outside and it will probably stay around that temperature for the rest of the day. I'll have to cherish it while it lasts!

    @Kay: Oof, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope that your employer gets their shit together and pulls you back in.
    It's really bewildering sometimes how businesses can run while leaving people out to dry so often. I hope that you're back in the bread-winning seat soon with no stress!

    Also, how is the knee treating you?
Posted in ▪︎ neon's hiding spot ▪︎ Posted 1 month ago
    It's a little bit drizzly and overcast here today. I don't mind it so much, but some clear weather would let me do yard work.
    A raised garden bed with peas sounds really nice. I used to house/pet sit for some clients that had a greenhouse and I would take photos of their produce and send it as a ransom. Things like, "If you don't hurry back..." and the photo was of a zucchini with a bite/cut out of it (using an alternative store-bought one).
Posted in Exam week! Posted 1 month ago
    The last exam round I went through was in February and I don't envy anyone in that position. I remember college exams being stressful, but at the end of the day you could always find a way to get by. The certification exams after are another monster and I feel like if I had to take it again I would end up swimming like Woolf.

    I like your cheat sheet, and best of luck on your exam. Let us know how it goes.
Posted in Does anyone here use Pinterest? Posted 1 month ago
    I don't recall the reason I started using it, but yes, I have a Pinterest. My "boards" are mostly art and architecture references. Only in the last year or so did I start to divide the pins into more acute categories like "references - hair" or "references - eyes." There is one board for home design, one for Stardew Valley, one for party/hosting ideas (back when I hosted them, ahahh..) and one for my OC that acts as an idea/inspiration board.

    I've found that the food/recipes aspect of Pinterest are just awful so I don't have any real food pins/boards.