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Npc — he/him Posted 8 months ago ( 2019/12/5 01:58:33 )

Hi Volties!
Today's surge brings you multiple interface updates.
We squashed a bug, made an update, and introduce new features too!
I also heard of a Community Discussion right around the corner.

Interface Updates
Bug Fixes

Trading Currencies
Okay, numbers are sometimes confusing, I'm not a math expert myself!
It was quite obvious to many of you that something just wasn't adding up...
Now if you need to update your currency amount your checkbook should balance out.

Updates & Improvements

Hidden Volties:
Our forums will now portray the number of "invisible volties" online.
This represents those of our community who have opted-in to our privacy setting of "Hide Online Status."
We're hoping this will give you all a better gauge of forum and website activity throughout the day.

New Features!

Announcement Notifications
READ ALL ABOUT IT! Now you won't miss a single surge!
Don't worry, if I'm starting to annoy you... yeah right...
You can disable announcement notifications under your accessibility settings.

Polling System
Can't decide what your next hairstyle should be? Need a new color combo for your outfit?
Well, ask your fellow volties!
You can now create a poll when creating a new topic. How neat!?
And because I couldn't help myself my team and I are collecting stats on the Surge, so answer that poll if you haven't yet!

Thank you Pathologic!

Community Discussion

Join us on Wednesday, December 11th at 5:00 pm Voltra time!

Raffle 1
Submit a question pre-discussion for a chance to win the current rare set!
Questions must be submitted by 11:59 pm (Voltra/Central Time) on Sunday, December 15 to be eligible.
What do you want to know!?

Raffle 2
Join us for the discussion on our Discord server and post your username in our attendance channel.
At the end of the discussion we will raffle off prizes!

Coming Soon!

Community Discussion [December 11th, 2019]

Common Surge [December 15th, 2019]

Solstice Event [TBA]

I'll see ya next time Volties ~ Keep an eye out for that new announcement notification, I'll be right in your face!
Spark, out.

Donator — he/she Posted 8 months ago ( 2019/12/5 02:05:11 )
These updates are awesome! O:



Donator — Divine Posted 8 months ago ( 2019/12/5 02:06:18 )


Thanks for the awesome updates.


°<°art by KeturahπŸ–€πŸ¦–πŸ–€

Voltie Posted 8 months ago ( 2019/12/5 02:07:01 )

i love the new updates and features!!! <3 especially new the polling system

thank you for this and well done!


banner by Ruby ❀️

Donator — FluffyBoi Posted 8 months ago ( 2019/12/5 02:07:53 )
Won't be able to attend the next Community Discussion. Have something that night. ;w; But thanks for the update!
Lucifer's Pet

Donator — They/them Posted 8 months ago ( 2019/12/5 02:08:49 )

i like the 'announcement notifications' now i won't miss anything. :D

(Avatar Closet)

Voltie Posted 8 months ago ( 2019/12/5 02:09:50 )

β—† ❅ β—† ❅ β—†

Interesting, interesting.

β—† ❅ β—† ❅ β—†

Writer — Him/Her Posted 8 months ago ( 2019/12/5 02:14:51 )
Can I offer you a nice egg in this trying time?

Bless Path


Join team electric, we've got rats.

Artist — she/they Posted 8 months ago ( 2019/12/5 02:18:45 )

POLLS....bless you path

Moderator Posted 8 months ago ( 2019/12/5 02:28:43 )
Please ping! I get distracted easily.

Donator — Fujoshi Posted 8 months ago ( 2019/12/5 02:33:23 )
TSUN β˜… TSUN β˜… TSUN (β‰–οΈΏβ‰–βœΏ)

Omg, I am loving the new notifications, the polls, the trade fix, and the ability to see the number of hidden peeps. Bless Path for working so hard and fast for us. T^T

(✿ β™‘β€Ώβ™‘) DERE β˜… DERE β˜… DERE

The truth behind Reaping Ritual 2019

Art by the rightful Mayor, Kiwi

Donator — She/her Posted 8 months ago ( 2019/12/5 03:02:28 )

Bless you Path for all that you do! <3333


Donator — She/her Posted 8 months ago ( 2019/12/5 03:04:23 )

Also for the poll I honestly couldn’t pick a favorite. I would have to say ones like this. Random but important updates. Either QoL or Milestone updates. ^_^


Donator — He Posted 8 months ago ( 2019/12/5 03:17:05 )

This is awesome o:


Artist — Frog bless Posted 8 months ago ( 2019/12/5 03:41:04 )

Thank you Path for continuously adding these long needed updates.

Mallow Tumbleweed
My Sons

Donator — She/her Posted 8 months ago ( 2019/12/5 04:06:46 )

Ok so I saw the announcement in my pings and that brought me happiness! I know I'm weird ok

By Ghost
I'm friendly and will chat with anyone!

Voltie — they/he Posted 8 months ago ( 2019/12/5 04:29:20 )
oh what a cool update! polls will really add something extra to a lot of threads. the announcement thing is also much appreciated.

Donator — It/they Posted 8 months ago ( 2019/12/5 04:31:24 )

And they will never break our spirit
We will never turn and run
And we will rise stronger still
When we stand as one!

~-I got a ping for an announcement!!!! : D < 3
Thank you thank you!

So, bring to me all of my arrows
Bring to me my crossbow too
I fear we might need them both
Before the night is through-

~{My Shop}~

Donator — Waifu Posted 8 months ago ( 2019/12/5 05:23:43 )
I like that I got an announcement for the surge, I often miss them

Donator — She/Her Posted 8 months ago ( 2019/12/5 06:12:34 )
Considering I hardly ever check the main page outside of my daily bonus, I like the announcement notification...but maybe it should be under a different spot than pings as I imagine they could get lost easily
Just a fangirl living in FFXV hell
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