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skettiyeti She/They

skettiyeti's Avatar


  • pagliacci pagliacci (4 months ago)

    Your sig should say “My business, that’s none of.” Hehe!

  • inatlaka inatlaka (5 months ago)

    love the avi!

  • Kiri Kiri (8 months ago)

    Very interesting avatar you have there.

  • blinkini blinkini (11 months ago)

    Eh... Not really. I spend most of most of my time just laying in bed. Lol.

  • blinkini blinkini (12 months ago)

    Oh glob, it really is. That job had me so stressed. I feel so much better, now. And I've actually been able to lose the weight I've been trying to get rid of for months. :D

  • blinkini blinkini (12 months ago)

    I was recently let go, so I've been taking some time to just relax... It's been nice.